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These Are Secret U.S. Interview Questions and Answers

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When applying for a US visa, you need to go for an interview. These are the common US interview questions and answers.
One major step in the United States visa application is your visit to the embassy for an interview session. Though it’s important to remain calm while answering your interview questions but travel knowledge is still needed.

When applying for a US visa, you need to go for an interview. These are the common US interview questions and answers.
One major step in the United States visa application is your visit to the embassy for an interview session. Though it’s important to remain calm while answering your interview questions but travel knowledge is still needed.

Generally, US interview questions and answers can be a bit tricky, so you need forehand information about the process it entails. The essence of an interview appointment at the U.S. embassy is to provide the immigration office with details about your travel and ensure safety, security and adherence to constitutions by tourists.

Have you been wondering what kind of questions you would be asked at the U.S. embassy, find out more information below;

Reasons for the interview phase at the U.S. embassy?

The question you will be asked depends on the category of visa you applying for. Also, your duration of stay and your purpose for relocation. Once you discover the right terms to approach this U.S. interview phase, you are a step ahead.

When do you attend an interview at the United States embassy?

The interview date is scheduled as soon as you complete your online application. You only need to show up at the U.S. embassy in your country depending on the date and time that you selected.

Documents to bring for your interview at the U.S. embassy

Depending on your visa category, you should come with your Nigerian passport. Also valid means of identification, photocopies of documents about your travel, visa fee receipt, medical report, statement letter of travel intention and so on.

Also, information will be communicated to you from the website once you have been scheduled for a visa interview.

us interview questions and answers

Things to note when attending a U.S. visa interview

The following is important information to take note of before attending your visa interview at the embassy;

Research on repeated U.S. interview questions and answers

Different reviews come in from time to time on the questions that immigration officials ask at the embassy. Therefore, one of the ways to prepare yourself is by acquainting yourself with the interview questions and due answers to provide.

Do not get familiar even if you have once received a different visa category and you are requesting another one. This is because interview questions are mostly focused on your visa type and it changes as well as your answers.

Be punctual to your interview

To avoid rushing and unnecessary tension, planning to arrive at the embassy on time is particularly vital. Besides, early arrival keeps you in line with the crowd at the embassy and affords you the privilege of sorting documents over again. Also, you can get other firsthand information about the interview process if you are punctual to the embassy.

Answer all questions plainly

Careful thinking and knowledge is the key to answering questions about your travel carefully. Also, you might need to give specific information about your sponsor, health status, academic qualifications, marriage and many more.

Therefore you should be factual and provide evidence to back up your claims at the U.S. embassy as requested.

Know basic travel information by heart

Travel information such as your tour destination, details about your intended university, biodata and so on should be readily delivered. Looking into your bags over and over doesn’t create a good impression that you know what you are doing.

Dress responsibly at the U.S. embassy

First, you should be aware that your meeting at the embassy is not a random party. Therefore you need to wear decent clothing that proves this to be true and not otherwise.

Avoid undue food and drinks before coming for your interview

You might probably need to wait for long hours, therefore you are encouraged to eat before visiting the U.S. embassy. However, alcohol intake which might get you drunk or excess junk or food that will leave you with a runny stomach should be avoided.

Common U.S. Interview Questions and Answers

The following questions have been selected as often asked during the United States interview sessions;

Question 1: State your purpose for travelling to the United States

Answer: Common travel purposes are listed as study, tourism, need for medical services, migration and so on. You can mention that you are travelling for study and that you have been granted a scholarship in a distinguished higher institution of learning in the United States of America.

Also, if you are travelling for tourism you should state that your main purpose of travelling is to visit specific cities you have in mind in the United States.

Also, if you are travelling for medical purposes, a sample answer could be; “I am travelling to the United States for emergency medical attention as recommended by my doctor”

Question 2: How long will you remain in the United States?

Answer: First, studying in the U.S. might have you remain longer in the country, therefore you need to know about this. You are to give a response to the immigration official that you desire to travel on the said date and remain in the country for specific months or years.

Then if your desire for tourism, work and so on, kindly mention this as well as your length of visit. This will give the U.S. embassy a clear picture that your visit to the United States is backed up by a solid plan. Thus, you will not be categorised as an aimless illegal immigrant that can probably cause trouble in the United States.

A sample answer can state this; “I intend to remain in the United States for about 3 months, so I can get the desired medical treatment and get better before I return afterwards”. If it is a tourist visa, you may say I intend to stay for 3 weeks.

Question 3: Do you have a sponsor to finance your travel cost or you are doing this yourself?

Answer: This question can be answered by mentioning the name of your sponsor, stating his or her dwelling in the United States and providing necessary sponsorship documentation and contact information.

Also, if you are the one sponsoring your entire trip, then providing a detailed description of your status in your home country is essential.

You could be asked to state your current job or sponsor’s job, earnings per year and citizenship status. Evidence from related documents can as well be provided to support your answers.

For example, ” My husband who resides in New York City has decided for me to join him in the United States on a spouse visa and he will be financing the travel”.

Question 4: For students, you can be asked why you desire to study in the United States.

Answer: This question is to determine whether you have an educational direction ahead of your travel to the U.S. Therefore, a clear answer should cite that you prefer the institution’s standard, educational facilities and you probably know individuals who attended the university which why you want a degree from the University in the United States.

Question 5: Do you have a previous travel history to the United States? If yes, for what and how long were you there?

Answer: If you do not have a history of travel, state that it is your first time. Also for returning travellers, in case you have visited places in the U.S. before even if it was in the 1900s, inform the interviewers at the embassy.

Then, mention what you visited the U.S. for at that time, whether for tourism, education and be specific too. You can give the dates if you have them and state when you departed your home country, got to the United States and arrived as well.

Question 6: Do you have a flight and accommodation reserved?

Answer: This is direct, whether yes or no and plans to get one. You might need help with obtaining one as well because you should present your plans at the embassy anyway.

The flight and lodging reservation only reveals that you have the motives to travel and you have secured a place to stay. Moreover, if you will be staying with a relative, kindly indicate the residential information about them.

Question 7: Are you travelling alone?

Answer; Provide information about your journey to the United States. Therefore, address the fact that you will be travelling with your partner or children if that is the situation.

Also, you will have to mention that your family has also applied for a visa.

A sample answer could be; “I am travelling to the United States with my family for a summer vacation”.

Question 8: Why did you decide to select the United States as your travel destination?

Answer; Your answer should still be focused on what you want to do in the United States. Detailed but direct answers and not full of uncertainty.

For instance; ” Well, I chose the United States because I have a relative in California who has invited me for a short stay to tour the city.”

Or ” I selected the United States because I have been given a study scholarship to a prestigious university there”

Question 9: Can you provide details of your English language proficiency examination results?

Answer: For non english speaking countries, Success in your IELTS, TOEFL and other prerequisite examinations is necessary. Therefore it proves that you are not just forcing your way to the United States to study, instead, you have the desire to pursue academic achievement.

Question 10: Do you have a sponsor for your education?

Answer; State if you have one, whether a parent or guardian and provide details. Also mention that they will take full responsibility for your academics and lifestyle in the United States.

Moreover, if you are the one sponsoring your trip, state this too and provide details on how you will achieve this. Then, if it is a scholarship, attach documents to reveal this and show an agreement with the awarding body that will take total responsibility for your study.

In addition to this, you can be asked to give detailed information about your parent’s occupation, business status, earnings and so on.

Question 11: Do you have any pals or family members in the United States?

Answer: Mention if you have relatives who reside in the U.S. (mention the region they live in the United States).

You can provide other details about these people as asked and disclose your relationship with them, especially if you would be visiting them too in the United States.

Question 12: Will you work in the United States after your study?

Answer: The best way to answer this is by being honest with the interviewer and yourself. A study visa is not to be changed to a work permit all by yourself.

Thus, you need to know that following instruction attached to each visa type is important. For instance, if you applied for a tourist visa, it is meant for visiting alone and thus should not be extended to permanent residence in the U.S. without informing the appropriate immigration authorities.

Question 13: Do you think that you should be given a U.S. visa?

Answer: Here, you are to give candid responses on why you think you deserve the U.S. visa. Also, add that you are aware of how valuable the visa is and you intend to

Question 14: If you are denied a visa, do you intend to reapply?

Answer: A right response to this answer just gives your interviewer the chance to know your purpose of travel more clearly. Therefore, you should not be unhappy about this but give a factual yes or no answer with reasons.

Question 15: Did you apply for the visa yourself?

Answer: If someone applied for the visa on your behalf, probably because you are a minor, require special needs or contact a travel agency for help, kindly indicate here.

Also, add reasons why you couldn’t apply for the visa yourself especially when you have documented claims to confirm this.

Question 16: Can you provide a brief description of your status in your home country?

Answer; Here, you are expected to describe whether you are a citizen or permanent residence of the country. You can also explain what you do, where you stay, your relationship status, number of children, business status, academic qualifications, earnings and so on.

Also if you have political connections, you should indicate this as well.

Question 17: What will you do in case your visa expires during your stay?

Answer: First, you should not exceed your allotted duration of stay in the United States. However, if the situation becomes out of control and you have envisaged this either because of a medical condition or other reasons you can extend your visa.

Although this is not common you should be aware of the fact that it happens. All you should indicate in your response is that you intend to arrive in your residence country before the visa given expires, hereby following due immigration rules.

Question 18: Do you have other intentions for visiting the United States?

Answer: The answer to this should be no. Presenting the idea to immigration officials that you want to do something else other than what you are given a visa for is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Question 19: Are you married and how many children do you have?

Answer: Here, kindly present your marriage certificate with evidence of the children you have also. For example, “I got married in the year 2007, divorced and remarried in 2011 and I have five children from both marriages.”

Question 20: Do you have relatives in the United States who are citizens?

Answer: Yes, you need to answer this question because the interviewer wants to know if you might have plans to use this privilege to process a permanent residence in the United States. Your answer could go thus; “Yes, I have a son who is 25 years old and is a citizen of the United States.”

Also, you can be advised on further perks of having children or spouses who are citizens of the United States. Filing for your citizenship is one of them.

In conclusion, sincere responses to the questions asked by the interviewer do not guarantee your visa but give you an edge. Hence, you need to know that there are administrative decisions that will be made at the consulate or embassy to determine approval or rejection as well.

Wish you a favourable visa interview experience!

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