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How to Apply for an Australia Visa in Nigeria

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries you can visit as a Nigerian. It offers a lot to see and do. To visit Australia, you need to apply for the right kind of visa. The type of visa to apply for depends on your purpose of visit.

About Australia – A Country or Continent 

Australia is an interesting name because there is a continent and a country with the name Australia. 

Australia visa in Nigeria

The Australia as a Continent 

Australia is one of the seventh continents in the world. There are other countries on the continent of Australia, including famous Fiji, New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Micronesia and so on.

Australia As a Country


Likewise, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by landmass and population. It has beautiful oceans, landscapes and pleasant weather conditions. Also, it is host to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. This is one of the reasons why Australia is a prefered location.

Tourist Attractions in Australia

Although the country is referred to as the Commonwealth of Australia, it has a liberal democracy. 

Australia visa in Nigeria

Reasons you should visit Australia

There are a hundred and one reasons anyone would want to visit Australia. This varies from temporary visits to permanent relocation. These are reasons why you should relocate to Australia.

 Breathtaking Tourist Attractions

First, Australia is beautiful. I know that the sight of a country or place might not be all there is to it, but the city of blues is mind-blowing! Australia boasts of the presence of amazing tourist attractions. Talking about Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Canberra, the blue oceans are the magnets of the continent. Asides from oceans, there are marine parks, plants and animal reserves for a delightful tour experience.


Great Weather 

Also, Australia has pleasant weather with regular sunshine and rainfall. No extreme or crazy weather. Australia experiences a lot of sunshine. Although some regions in Australia are deserts and not habitable, it offers a chance to explore. 

Australia is a safe region

Quite fascinating, Australia reports fewer crime rates or unsafe occurrences. Australia is one of the safest regions on earth. This is a big plus for safety and security. It is a country that welcomes everyone regardless of culture or race.

High Quality of Life 

Australia recently received a rating by the United Nations as the second best country that promises a great quality of life.

The unity, community building and societal relationships help a lot of people thrive and live till old age. Medical services are also great, affordable and assured. Health care services are free for citizens and affordable for members of the population.

Education and Career Opportunities

Likewise, education is accessible to all in Australia. The universities in this continent are among the top 10 in the world. You do not have to bother about learning a new language, the official language in Australia is English Language.

To add to this, career opportunities abound for almost all professions in Australia. Nurses, Engineers, Technology experts, Administrators, Caregivers and even agriculture. Every year, Australia offers options for highly skilled individuals in their respective fields who want to work.

Sports and recreation

The water bodies in Australia allow for surfing and swimming competitions. Also, Australia is known for its participation in international football, track, cricket, rugby and tennis competitions. The Commonwealth of Australia succeeds in the area of athletic facilities. A great option for sports enthusiasts.

visit australia

World Class Economic Development

Australia belongs to the recognized organisations-British Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Nations. Also, the continent is an establishing member of the United Nations. This accounts for her steady growth, a gross domestic product of billions of dollars and streams of income.

Without a doubt, your curiosity has been inspired and you are wondering how to get to this incredible continent.

Read on.

How well does Australia approve visa applications? The Australian government approves thousands of visa applications yearly. The Australian visa is one of the international visas that is quite easy to process and get without any difficulty.

Tourist Attractions in Australia

These are the few tourist destinations in Australia;

-Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

-Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales

– Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales

-Ayers Rock, Northern Territory

– Melbourne’s Culture, Victoria

australian beach

Documents you need For Australia Visa in Nigeria

To visit Australia, you need the right documents. These are the following documents you need for an Australia visa in Nigeria. 

Valid International passport 

For most travellers and destinations, a valid International passport with a minimum of six months validity is what you need when applying for an Australia visa in Nigeria. It should also have a space for visa processing. Aside from the availability of a passport, there must be no damage or torn pages and it must not be near expiration(at least one year.

Australian Visa Application Form

This is another requirement for Nigerians applying for an Australia visa in Nigeria. Fill out the application form with your correct information. 

how to apply for visa

Proof of funds/ Declaration of account

You need to provide evidence of your account statement. This is important because you must be able to fund your stay and return tickets in and from Australia. In addition, at least AUD 10,000 is what you need to have in your bank accounts and it must be connected to an Australian bank.

Proof of Funds 

Another document that you need for an Australia visa for Nigerians is proof of funds or six months statement of account. You will also have to print your six months statement of account with a good balance. The balance must cover your cost of living, travel etc when you travel to Australia.

Invitation Letter

This letter is required

-If you have been sponsored by an Australian citizen or relative to come over.

– You have employers who are willing to fund your stay in Australia

– An institution in Australia has approved you for a scholarship to remain and study in Australia.

Invitation Letter

Another requirement for a visitor’s visa is the invitation. An invitation is a proof that you know and have a host in Australia.

Birth Certificate 

Another requirement for an Australian visa in Nigeria is your birth certificate or the birth certificate of your children if you are applying with your kids.

Marriage Certificate

You must also present your marriage certificate as proof that you are married. This is a requirement for married couples applying for Australian visas in Nigeria. 

Passport Photograph

You are required to provide two passport photograph that is not more than six months. It should be clear with a perfect background and facial expression. Except for other reasons, you are not allowed to cover your head or parts of your face.

apply for visa

Medical certificate

You are expected to take medical tests and be certified by the physicians that you will be directed. These results will certify that you are fit to come to Australia. It is another important requirement for an Australia visa in Nigeria.

Biometrics/ Fingerprint data

Another requirement for an Australian visa in Nigeria is biometrics. This involves the capturing of your fingerprints. You need your biometric data taken and uploaded to the Australian immigration database.

However, this can not be done by you. This means that you need to visit the official centres in Lagos or Abuja to do this.  

Locations for Australia Visa in Nigeria

Australian Biometric Centre in Abuja 

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja

Australian Biometric Centre in Lagos

Ground Floor Manor House

Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way,(Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, 3rd Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway), Lekki Phase, Lagos.

skyscrapper iin australia

Flight tickets/ tickets reservations

Flight tickets to and from Australia vary depending on the airline and precise destination. 

Book Flight Tickets Here 

Airlines available in Nigeria include; KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways, and Turkish airlines. You will be billed based on the travel cabin, which is either first class, business class, economy or premium economy.

Not to bother, the travel cabins just imply that airline services that will be provided to you in terms of entertainment and feeding will differ.

Finally, travel agencies can help you with this.

Proof of Accommodation

In case you are travelling for an event, holiday or tour and you do not have relatives in Australia, you need to book accommodation online.

It is decent to prepare ahead for your travel by reserving a room in a hotel. This will help you avoid becoming stranded and also provide relaxation opportunities on your tour.

This should be after your visa application has been approved. You can do well to check back with the hotel for confirmation.

Vaccination Card

To travel to Australia from Nigeria, you must be fully vaccinated against yellow fever, polio and CoVID-19.

The immunisation card should be made available as it is a required document.

Travel intentions/ statement of purpose

Here, a letter is needed in which you will explain your honest intentions for travelling. Also, you are to explain what you intend to do on arrival, where you would be staying and how you hope to return to Nigeria.

In summary, it covers your travel plans, schedules or itineraries.

Medical insurance

Asides from medical certifications, you also need to have a certain amount in your bank account for medical insurance. The amount and alternative vary per applicant and it would be communicated to you as you apply.

Consent/ Declaration Form

A consent letter is essential for children below the age of 18. Guardians, parents or sponsors are expected to fill out the form and sign it.

This consent form includes spaces where an older person agrees to be in support of the relocation process of his or her child

Australian Visa

To visit Australia from Nigeria, you need an Australian visa. The Australian Visa exists for almost all categories and this determines the cost of application. Similarly, to get an Australian Visa, you need to know if you are eligible and the type you need. The type of Australian visa is dependent on your purpose of visit.  

Australian Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

For Visitor visa – Between 4 to 30 days

Student visa – Varies from 2 weeks to 6 months

Business visa – between 5 to 21 days

These are the Categories of Australian in Nigeria;

Study and Training Visa

The Australian Study Visa is AUD 650, approximately 188,000 Naira. This cost and duration of the visa are classified based on your intention.

Furthermore, the Australian study visa allows you to remain in Australia for 5years or more, as your course duration permits. Plus, you must be more than 6 years of age and prove your admission into an institution in Australia for full-time study.

Training visa options are also open to Nigerians at AUD 325 (94,000 Naira).

The length of stay is 2 years, while you complete your training and development sessions.

Visitor Visa

This provides you with the option of entering the Australian territory for tours or holidays. The cost of the Australian Visitor’s Visa is AUD 150 (43, 290 Naira)

The duration of stay for the visitor’s visa is 3 months- 12 months, with your reason for travel into consideration. However, visa processing differs from three days to six weeks. This depends on when and how you apply.

Who is eligible for the visitor’s visa?

You can apply for an Australia visitor’s visa in Nigeria if you are:

A Tourist

An Individual going on holiday or visitation

A person going on for business, training and conferences

Medical treatment visa

You can only apply for a medical visa for medical purposes only. This costs AUD 330 for Nigerians and allows you to stay temporarily in Australia. Although, it could take as long as 6 months to successfully process one.

Work/ talent visa

The Australian work visa allows you to stay and work in her territory temporarily or permanently. It could either be for work purposes or permanently relocate to Nigeria. Another requirement is the English proficiency tests.

The Visa ranges from AUD 1290- AUD 4240, based on your purpose for travelling.

It costs AUD 1290 if you are travelling to Australia through the nomination program. This means that you have you qualify to work in areas where skilled people are required in Australia.

While application as a global talent or highly skilled worker demands that you pay AUD 4240 to be qualified for a 5year stay.

Nevertheless, you can start the application for a permanent residency once you have stayed and worked in Australia for 3years.

Permanent Residency Visa

To qualify as a permanent resident in Australia, you must have the following;

Work/ intending work experience in Australia

Family or relatives who are citizens of Australia

Business or investment actions in Australia

Australia also recognizes world-class achievers for a permanent resident visa

Steps to apply for the Australian Visa from Nigeria

1. Apply online on the Australian Immigration website

2. Pay the Visa Application fees that apply via Internet banking options.

Please note that this price is the recent cost for an Australia Visa in Nigeria at the time of writing. Kindly do yourself a favour and always check back because exchange rates may affect the cost of the Australia visa in Nigeria.

3. Submit your documents and data on the website

Based on your reasons for travel, several documents will be required from you.

These documents have been clearly stated above. Do well to submit the copies online. Except otherwise stated, photocopies are enough.

Ensure that while filling in your information, it is accurate and true. Errors and false data will deny you a visa.

4. Schedule an appointment with VFS Global Biometric Collection Centre to submit biometrics

You will pay 14,500 Naira with a debit or credit card to access this service altogether. However, kindly note that international transactions depend on the exchange rate.

6. Await the decision of the Australian Commission in Pretoria, South Africa. The commission is responsible for visa application processing for the Nigerian populace.

Plus, you can place a complaint to the Australian Commission. This should only be when necessary because you would need a lot of patience.

7. Once you have your visa, grab your tickets and luggage and get ready to fly!

Finally, if you applied for a visa online and stayed committed throughout the process, you are 75% likely to get approval.

Nonetheless, be informed that the decision is based on entry and exit laws and regulations per season.

Need Help With Australian Visa in Nigeria?

Please kindly contact Travelwaka


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