The Best Day Trip to Chiang Rai: Temples and Local Food


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Your best day trip to Chiang Rai starts here! Trust me!

The Wat Rong Khun temple is so shining and impressive that it could be easily mistaken for a painting. I wonder how much love, inspiration, and work were needed to create that masterpiece.

Wat Rong Khun aka White Temple is one of the most famous attractions in Chiang Rai – Thailand, and there I was, admiring it on my first solo trip of the year. A day trip to Chiang Rai packed with marvelous temples, delicious food and the feeling of overcoming one of my biggest fears.

A day trip to Chiang Rai must have a visit to the White Temple.
Stunning photo by Thunyarat Satornlug.

Well, more about me later on.  First, let me tell you the White Temple is just the cherry on top of the cake. This day trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai was beyond amazing and the places I visited were as incredible as the White Temple, if not more.

Chiang Rai is located in Northern Thailand, a city known for its arts, faith, nature, and delicious food. Of course, it deserves more than just one visit, but if, like me, you only have a day in Chiang Rai, try to make the most of it.

This trip had a special meaning for me: it was my first adventure alone after months of fighting against an eye infection that almost took my vision away. But even with my left eye far from being 100%, I packed my bags and faced the challenge.

I wanted to experience all the top things to do in Chiang Rai in just one day so I partnered up with TakeMeTour to go on a day tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai.

How to plan the perfect Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai day trip?

Chiang Rai is located about 200 km from Chiang Mai, the most famous tourist destination in Northern Thailand.

Searching for how to get to Chiang Rai you will find two options: flying or driving. If you are traveling from Bangkok or any other destination far from Chiang Rai, you can either fly to Chiang Mai [which has more flight options and better prices] or fly to Chiang Rai and start your day tour from the airport.

If you are staying in Chiang Mai, the road trip is the best option and it only takes 3 hours and a half for you to get there.

You can also travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai by yourself, as there are buses running daily and the tickets are quite cheap. But once you are in Chiang Rai you still need a taxi or a tuk-tuk to visit the temples and attractions.

It is totally feasible, especially if you already traveled to Thailand or Southeast Asia and know how to bargain and search for the best deals.  

Traveling in Thailand by bus? Read our super guide here!

On the other hand, if you are staying in Chiang Mai and have only one day to visit Chiang Rai, I would say that a tour is the best, the easiest, and the most practical option. Even better if your guide is someone local who can take you to the top attractions and also off the beaten path.

That’s why I booked the “Blue Temple, White Temple, Black House, Lotus Temple & Best Khao Soi” experience with Kiki, a local expert from TakeMeTour. This is not the first time we book day trips with TakeMeTour, in Bangkok we did a Coffee Tour, a Chinatown Food Tour, and visited a local floating market followed by a cooking class

Day trip to Chiang Rai Itinerary

Our trip started early morning. At 7 am, Kiki arrived at my hotel in Chiang Mai [check the lovely The Mellow Pillow Hotel here]. It took us about 3 hours to arrive at the first stop of our day tour, the touristy Chiang Rai Hot Spring.

The first stop of our Chiang Rai day tour was at the Chiang Rai Hot Spring.
Chiang Rai Hot Spring is an enjoyable attraction despite the crowd.

1st stop: Chiang Rai Hot Spring

To be honest, it was smaller than I expected and busier than I wanted, but it turned out to be fun.

Once you pass the crowds and find a spot by the water, you can sit and relax under the trees. It’s quite fun to see the vans and buses full of tourists arriving and leaving 10 minutes later, which reminds me why I don’t like big tour groups.

While people are flocking in and out, Kiki and I had time to chat. He told me the story about the road that connects Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, the increasing number of tourists that are visiting the region, how interesting Chiang Rai attractions are, and how he feels happy to show them to travelers.

To balance the trip, the next attraction of our Chiang Rai tour was the most peaceful and also my favorite one.

The Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan is one of the most beautiful temples in Chiang Rai.
Another staggering photo by Thunyarat Satornlug.

2nd stop: Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan

It was there that all the story about a local expert made sense. We drove a few minutes from the hot spring to this empty car parking on a secondary road.

The sun was shining bright, it was hot and I was about to see one of the most beautiful temples in Chiang Rai. After the entrance, we were greeted by an amazing staircase with dragons, bells, and not a single person around.

Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan has unique architecture, a beautiful garden, and a stunning temple.

Please, be respectful there. Different from the White Temple which is a tourist attraction in Chiang Rai, this temple was built for praying, so act respectfully, dress modestly and if you feel like praying, do it.

At the Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan, our local guide explained how to pray and I was blessed by a monk.
Thanks for the photo, Thunyarat Satornlug.

Right at the entrance of the temple, there are two big statues symbolizing the good and the evil, the angel and the devil. The Buddhists believe that good and evil can co-exist as long as they are in balance.

The fun fact is that the devil drinks whiskey, wears Converse runners, and has an iPhone with Facebook and Instagram. It is definitely, a reminder that we need to look for a balanced life in our modern and digital world.

This day trip to Chiang Rai was special because I learned about Thai culture and believes.
Have to say, the devil’s got some style!

At the Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan, I learned how to pray in a Buddhist temple and I even received a blessing from a monk. The blessing was followed by a powerful message, don’t worry too much and live in the present. Noted!

After the blessing ritual, it was time to head to the 3rd stop of our day tour to Chiang Rai, the White Temple was waiting for us.

Wat Rong Khun AKA White Temple in Chiang Rai is so beautiful that looks like a painting.
The White Temple by Thunyarat Satornlug… wow, right?

3rd stop: Wat Rong Khun AKA White Temple in Chiang Rai

The White Temple is breathtaking, one of the most beautiful temples in Chiang Rai and in Thailand, and as I expected it was crowded with visitors.

Different from the previous temple, Wat Rong Khun is an artistic site where people go to admire the design and its art, not to pray.

You still need to be respectful and dress modestly, but it’s more relaxed towards walking around, snapping photos, and queueing for the so-wanted Instagramable shot.

Although, inside the temple itself you can’t take photos, which keeps it magical. You can only see how weirdly interesting the interior of the temple is if you travel to Chiang Rai. And trust me, the Chiang Rai White Temple is an experience to not be missed.

The White Temple is a mix of science fiction and Thai beliefs. There you will see statues and paintings of aliens, characters from Hollywood movies and Buddhas. It’s oddly beautiful.

The hands rising from the ground in front of the temple represent hell, so you need to cross the bridge over the hands to arrive in heaven, the interior of the temple. That’s the meaning of Wat Rong Khun, a travel experience from the mundane to the nirvana.

The details of the White Temple in Chiang Rai tell the story about hell and haven.
So much beauty in the details.

One can easily spend hours exploring the White Temple, there are different shrines, a garden, and a golden toilet at the complex. The impressive golden bathroom was the fanciest toilet I have ever been to, the cubicle was clean and normal, but the building itself is art. A picture in front of it is another must for all travelers visiting Chiang Rai.

When visiting the White Temple in Chiang Rai don't forget to have a look at the Golden Toilet looks more like a temple or a palace than a bathroom.
Photo by Thunyarat Satornlug.

A toilet photo was snapped and Kiki announced the 4th stop of our Chiang Rai day tour, the so-needed lunch break.

4th stop: The best Khao Soi in Chiang Rai

When I was booking the tour to Chiang Rai I told Kiki that Khao Soi is one of my favorite dishes in Thailand, so he promised to take me to a restaurant in Chiang Rai that serves the best Khao Soi in Northern Thailand.

Apart from tours, TakeMeTour also offers Local Table Experiences, a gastronomic experience where you can visit a local expert house to try home-cooked dishes, or visit a local restaurant to taste traditional recipes.

My Chiang Rai day trip was a combination of a tour and a Local Table Experience, and the result was a mouth-watering-cultural journey.

On our day trip to Chiang Rai, I tasted the best Khao Soi ever.
A local table experience including the best Khao Soi ever!

On the menu, we had a delicious Khao Soi – a coconut curry noodle soup with chicken, the Cha Pu Moo Yang – grilled pork sausage wrapped in Betel leaf, Pad Thai with shrimp, stir-fried Morning Glory, and fresh spring rolls.

Everything was yummy, and, it was indeed the best Khao Soi I have ever tasted.

Satisfied from tummy to soul, it was time to grab an iced coffee and head to the 5th stop of our Chiang Rai day tour.

Chiang Rai Black House or Baan Dam is a complex of many building housing interesting artefacts.
Baan Dam is extraordinary.

5th stop: Baan Dam Museum AKA Chiang Rai Black House

The Black House or Baan Dam is a museum: a unique, beautiful, and creepy one.

The museum is spread throughout 15 houses and a huge garden, and everything there is part of the artist Thawan Duchenee private collection.

Inside of Chiang Rai Black House, you can see old shrines, skeletons, and dead animals.
Photo (of the photo) by Thunyarat Satornlug.

Be ready to see animals’ skins, old furniture, bones, and sacred images. Baan Dam is a dark place to visit in Chiang Rai, a fine line between the artistic and the grotesque.

I was impressed by the elephant skeleton they have there, while other people were screaming because of the giant snakes. In a nutshell, you will find strange things for all tastes and fears.

Chiang Rai Black House is not for the faint-hearted and if you feel you need a break from all the dead things, take a seat in the garden and enjoy beautiful living nature.

After the Black House, it was time to visit another impressive temple in Chiang Rai and catch the sunset.

The Blue Temple was the last stop of our day tour in Chiang Rai.
Photo by Thunyarat Satornlug.

6th stop: Wat Rong Suae Ten AKA Blue Temple

Our day tour was almost in the end, and although my legs were tired I was still pumped with excitement to visit Chiang Rai Blue Temple.

Different from the White Temple, this one was full of local tourists. I could see way more Thais than Westerners visiting it, and that gave me the feeling I was stepping on another special attraction in Chiang Rai.

After visiting the temple I sat in front of the entrance to watch the sunset. We stayed there for a few minutes, admiring the sky turning orange, purple, and then blue. That is what I called the perfect way to end our Chiang Rai tour.

The Blue Temple is one of the most visited temples in Chiang Rai and the sunset there is beautiful.
It’s not hard to understand why this is one of the most visited temples in Chiang Rai.

What a day! We visited three of Chiang Rai’s top attractions, tasted local food, and shared some laughs.

If you like to read this experience, take a few minutes to watch it. Here is a video about my day in Chiang Rai.

The day tour to Chiang Rai is an experience that I will never forget, not only because of the stunning architecture and the incredible flavors but also because it was a learning experience. I faced my fear of traveling alone without seeing 100 %, I beat my own limitations with the support of a new friend.

Not to mention the lesson I learned at the Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan: “Don’t worry too much and live in the present”. Khob Khun Ka! Thanks Chiang Rai and Kiki for this awesome trip!

Travel tips to Chiang Rai, Thailand

By now you already know how to plan the perfect day trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and how to choose the best Chiang Rai tour, so let’s move on to other travel tips.

Thailand is a big country and it’s hard to fit everything in just one trip, but you definitely need to visit Bangkok, so check out our guide for your first time in Bangkok and our list of unique things to do in BKK.

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Heading south? Don’t forget to have a local experience at the lesser-known but charming Hat Yai city.

And of course, if you’re traveling to Chiang Rai you’re probably gonna stop at Chiang Mai too, so read about our favorite spots in Chiang Mai and how to get the blessed Sak Yant bamboo tattoo.

Still talking about Chiang Mai here is a money-saving tip.

Get your Chiang Mai Pass

You can do a lot and save money by getting the Chiang Mai Premium Pass or the Chiang Mai Day Pass.

They are digital passes that give you access to attractions, restaurants, river cruises, workshops, massages and more. 

The difference between the day Pass and the Premium is the number of activities, services, and restaurants included. The Chaing Mai Pass has 47 items, while the Chiang Mai Premium Pass has 78.

The Chiang Mai Premium Pass includes unique activities and two options of transportation/sightseeing services that can help you get around easily and see the city in comfort. 

With both passes you can save money, as the pass is way cheaper than if you would pay for each activity separately.

We used the Bangkok Day Pass and Phuket Pass and loved them! Here is the video of our itineraries using the Bangkok Day Pass and here using the Phuket Day Pass

If you like the city pass idea, they also have the Ayutthaya Pass and Pattaya Pass. The activities, attractions, restaurants, and benefits in each city are different, so it’s worth checking them out.


Getting around Thailand at ease. You can fly, take trains, buses and boats. And to reach some destinations and islands, you might need to do a combination of them.

To book bus, train, and boat tickets online we use 12go Asia or Bookaway, the two platforms offer all types of transportation, so you can book and travel in Thailand in an easy and safe way.

To book flights to and within Thailand we recommend Skyscanner.


You can find hostels, budget hotels, luxury resorts, and villas everywhere in Thailand.

To find the best place to stay in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, or in any other destination I recommend you to search and book your room on or Agoda. They have the best prices and a wide range of properties.

There are many hotels in Chiang Mai, this trip I stayed at the Mellow Pillow.
The Mellow Pillow Hotel is super cute and well-located.

For this trip, I flew from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with Air Asia and stayed at The Mellow Pillow Hotel. A few steps from the South Gate and old town, this lovely hotel is close to many attractions, temples and food markets.

For more options of hotels in Chiang Mai click here.

Travel Advice:

Don’t forget your Travel Insurance! You don’t want anything to ruin your trip, right? So don’t take the risk! Reliable travel insurance can help you in case of travel issues, from accidents to health problems, travel delays, and lost luggage.

There are many insurances in the market, our picks are HeyMondo and SafetyWing. We used both and always had a good experience. Click on the insurance names to get a quote.

That’s a wrap, I hope you enjoy the read and that you found the tips and info in this guide useful for you!

If you are planning a day tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, book your local experience with TakeMeTour and have fun!

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It’s time to plan the perfect day trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. Why you should visit Chiang Rai temples, how to plan a day trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and why a day tour to Chiang Rai can be the best option for travelers who want to see the top attractions with a local twist. Plus travel tips to where to stay and delicious local food in Chiang Rai.