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These are Arguarably The 10 Best Restaurants in Lagos

restaurant in lagos

There are many lovely restaurants in Lagos that offer good food and a fine dining experience. Restaurants have become one of the best hangout spots in Lagos. This post will highlight the best restaurants in Lagos.
Restaurants in Lagos have amazing menus to satisfy your cravings. Evaluating the settings, the ambience and locations, they sure have everyone in mind.

There are many lovely restaurants in Lagos that offer good food and a fine dining experience. Restaurants have become one of the best hangout spots in Lagos. This post will highlight the best restaurants in Lagos.
Restaurants in Lagos have amazing menus to satisfy your cravings. Evaluating the settings, the ambience and locations, they sure have everyone in mind.

Without a doubt, Lagos is full of luxury. This begins with the ‘owanbes'(parties) that take place every weekend in almost all the streets of Lagos.

The highlight of every event in Lagos is food. Therefore it can be said that good food makes a great day in Lagos. From the mainland to the island, the concepts of restaurants have continued to improve.

Interestingly, restaurants in Lagos have gone beyond local meals to world-class cuisines and drinks. This includes Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish dishes and so on. Indeed, you should have an experience feasting fresh and flavorful meals at any restaurant in Lagos.

These are some of the best restaurants in Lagos;

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Lagos and offers some of the best cuisines and indoor experiences. Hard Rock is an American restaurant planned to give you such premium enjoyment. It is situated at Landmark Water Village, Oniru Lagos.

Have you ever felt the special kind of joy food gives? Hard Rock Cafe redefines That extreme feeling of satisfaction after you savour a mouthwatering delicacy- my goodness!

restaurants in lagos

It was established in 2016. The Cafe has remained one of the best places to relish American cuisines and cocktails in Lagos. To add to this record, Hard Rock Cafe won the traveller’s choice award by Trip Advisor in 2021. From the thousands of reviews, it is rated 5-star.

American Menu and Cocktail Lists

Hard Rock Cafe offers enjoyable American cuisines such as sandwiches, burgers and salads. This is capped with refreshing cocktails and drinks to go with it. It also integrates popular local and international cuisines on the Hard Rock Cafe menu list;

  • Cheese Fries with Smoked Bacon
  • Tupelo chicken tenders
  • Southwest spring rolls and tomato bruschetta.
  • Barbecue pulled pork sandwich
  • Toasted fresh bun with coleslaw
  • Smith apples.
  • Steaks
  • Suya and cheeseburgers
  • Chicken and cheese salads
  • And many more including the traditional spicy jollof rice

Refreshing cocktails and drinks on the list;

Hard Rock Cafe serves spirits, liquors, whiskey, rum, beer, milkshakes, wine signature cocktails- mixtures of fruits and rum, whiskey, gin or tequila.

Reservations at hard rock Cafe

The restaurant website and contact details are available to reserve a space. This is preferably done in advance of your special occasion.

  • State-of-the-art spotlights
  • Hard Rock Cafe provides the following facilities for both young and old.
  • Swimming pool area
  • A perfect view of the renowned Atlantic Ocean
  • Spacious environments to host hundreds of people
  • Serene and calm atmosphere
  • A large stage for live events and performance
  • A private space for kids
  • Parties and Events
  • Live music
  • Discounted offers
  • on food and drinks

Entertainment at its peak- Live music band

On Mondays to Thursdays between the hours of 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm, live music performances take place at Hard Rock Cafe. Although it is for the benefit of all, you are allowed to look through the website for updates.

•Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of Lagos

Lagos island is also filled with parties, tours and unending activities. Therefore, the spot where Hard Rock is located is easily noticed and accessible.

You can stop by to relieve your hunger and quench your thirst after a long day or during your tour.
Meals and drinks are sold at Hard Rock Cafe at reasonable prices, 3500 naira- 20,000 naira. Nevertheless, the quantity and updates determine the prices.

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The Grill by Delis

Grill by Delis has amazing decoration on the inside and a garden of plants outside. The ambience is calm and welcoming. It is listed as one of the best restaurants in Lagos. The Grill by Delis is located at 1, Karimu Kotun Street Lagos. It is a popular steakhouse with an Italian style. Also, there are sets of blooming flowers and an exquisite pool for your swimming pleasure.

best restaurants in lagos


To visit Grills by Delis, you are expected to make a reservation ahead. This is so that you can be received and well catered for.

Hospitality and Warm Welcome

The reception at Grills by Delis is friendly and makes you want to come back another day.

The waiters are highly hospitable and are ready to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

Menu list

On the menu option, you have an option for starters, main course and desserts.

This includes:

  • Seafood sauce
  • Salads
  • Tomato sauce
  • Raw bar- salmons, mushrooms, fruits, cashew nuts, marinated quail eggs
  • French fries
  • Ground beef, fillets
  • Burgers, steaks, Veal chops, lamb chops e.t.c.
  • Duchess Potatoes
  • All the items on the list can not be listed here, but you are sure to get the best and most affordable meals at Grills by Delis.

Drinks and cocktails
Signature cocktails and drinks available are blends of fruit juices, Campari, tequila, gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey.

Shiro Lagos

Shiro Restaurant in Lagos has continued to live up to its recommendations. It serves Japanese, Korean, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines. It is situated at Block XVI 3 & 4 Victoria Island Oniru Estate, Eti-Osa, Lagos. This area is one of the finest and most relaxing areas on the island. No wonder why it is considered one of the best restaurants in Lagos.
Usually, Shiro opens at noon and closes midnight Mondays-Thursdays 1:30 am (Fridays-Sundays).

It is important to make a reservation on time and a few days before you would be visiting.

Reservations are accessible for parties, group or business dinners, family hang out and tables for two.


Dining Options/Features


The layout of the Shiro restaurant is a work of art that activates the right vibe. In its interior section, sculpted works of art are fixed on wooden platforms.

Also, the lights and comfortable seats provide a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great outlook, especially in the evenings.

Menu, Cocktail and Drinks

The food options are available in appetisers, main courses and desserts.

A vegetarian dish can be gotten for as low as 3000naira, depending on your preference it could be more.

Common meals available:

Soups, chicken salads, Korean-styled tofu, sushi, summer rolls, prawns, chicken soup, stir fry noodles and many more.

Drinks include cocktails(punch and fruit mix) soft beverages(Pepsi) and hot beverages (cappuccinos, cafe americano e.t.c.)

Live performance at Shiro Restaurant

Entertainment is top-notch at Shiro restaurant and bar. Every week, artists are invited to perform live to the thrill and excitement of the audience.

Cactus Restaurant

Cactus is highly rated by thousands of people on the internet for outstanding experienced and meals.

It was established over 15 years ago and has since taken root in the city of Lagos. Cactus restaurant is known for great delivery and value, specialising in catering, bakery and restaurant services.

It is situated at 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. The hospitality and staff reception is highly professional and welcoming. It has grown to become one of the best

Amidst smiles and concern for you, waiters are ever ready to take your orders. Also, your meals appear in less waiting time.

cactus restaurant lagos

Dining options

At the moment, Cactus offers dining-in and takeaway options. You can either sit inside or enjoy the view of the stunning outdoor settings.

Usually, Cactus is open from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm every day.

Atmosphere and layout

Cactus restaurant is spacious with beautiful designs, colourful lights and a lovely garden.

This gives the restaurant its warm and serene ambience. The chairs are perfectly arranged in sets to allow for comfort and style.

Likewise, the palm trees and shrubs on the outside beautify the outdoor seating area.

Therefore, it is a perfect spot for a dinner date, family hang out, group dinner and lots more.

Menu and Drink list

Seafood, cookies, doughs, ice cream, chicken, salads, rolls, pasta, pizza and so on.

In addition, the drink options have wines, alcohols, beverages and cocktails.

Ocean Basket, Ikeja Lagos

Away from the islands, in the ever-busy street of Ikeja, is the Ocean Basket restaurant. It is located within the Ikeja city mall and it is one of the best restaurants in Lagos.

ocean basket restaurants in lagos

Drinks selections

  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • White wines
  • Chocolate and fruit mix
  • Coffee and Tea
  • House wines
  • Mocktails
  • Wines and Ciders

Foods on the menu

  • Fries
  • Fish and Prawns
  • Chicken salads
  • Mediterranean dishes
  • Calamari
  • Sushi
  • Seafood
  • Starters
  • Futomaki and many more international cuisines.
  • The
  • Ocean basket opens at 10:30amevery day.


Dine-in – You are allowed to sit and enjoy the ambience, cool music and warm reception from waiters.

Delivery- Major food delivery agents in Lagos partner with ocean basket to send food orders to customers.

Takeaway services are also available. Meals are neatly packed in sealed bags and plastics.

RSVP Restaurant

The RSVP restaurant was established in 2014. It is an amazing American restaurant in Lagos. RSVP is open from Sundays – Saturdays from 11 am till late at night.

Location: 9, Eletu Ogabi St, Victoria Island, Lagos

rsvp restaurant

Poolside events

The Pool area at RSVP is highly reserved for special occasions. Therefore, visitors who intend to use this space often book in advance.


To place reservations, you must do this ahead and be sure to call to confirm available options.

RSVP restaurant offers an impressive form of entertainment with great music and dining styles.


RSVP has an ideal dining area in a cosy atmosphere. Thus, the restaurant is perfect for group or individual hangouts. American cuisine is served on the signature menu.

Common meals and desserts served are:

Salads, sushi, maki rolls, raw bars, sandwiches, fried rice, ice cream, seafood, potato fries and many more. RSVP restaurant also offers dine-in and take-away selections. Plus, a drink or cocktail at the lounge is not a bad idea.

Lagoon Restaurant

Lagoon restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Lagos since 1987, Lagoon restaurant is a great place to have delectable meals. It is highly

Options for dinner, lunch late-night drinks and dinners are open. It is an excellent choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The meals prepared at Lagoon restaurant are carefully selected lists of Indian and Chinese cuisines.

The atmosphere within and without is pretty cool and receptive, especially at night. Plus, there is a feeling of pleasure and comfort immediately after you arrive at the restaurant.

Also, the choice is up to you to either dine in or take away.
Location: 1c Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island, Lagos

Bungalow Restaurant

Bungalow Restaurant serves the best teppanyaki cuisine, sushi and continental cuisines. Usually, the restaurant opens from 10:30 am and 11:30 pm.

Location: Akin Adesola Street Victoria Island Lagos.

bangalows restaurants in lagos

The bungalow has been rated as a restaurant that offers not just food but value and service. The layout presents a cool spot for an indoor and outdoor dining arena. The environment is just worth the hype.

For Bungalow restaurant, it is more like you have a see and experience yourself.

Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli restaurant gives a perfect blend of local and international cuisines. A traditional spot that has earned its titles over the years. Yellow Chilli is located at Bishop Oluwole Street, 27 Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This incredible eatery serves traditional chicken, fish, goat head, oxtail pepper soups, Jollof and fried rice. Yellow chilli also fills your belly with local dishes like Afang, Banga, Edikan Ikong and the mouth-watering Ewa Agoyin.

If you are looking away from the foreign taste to the Naija locals or you want to have the Nigerian feel, this is a good option.

Further, Yellow Chilli has a peaceful outlook and a well-structured atmosphere both within and without. The restaurant is open from noon every day.

Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuaisine

Salma's Authentic Lebanese Cuaisine

Salma’s is a Lebanese restaurant in Lagos set to serve you the best traditional and continental meals. Popular on the menu list is the Falafel plate, Hummus Beiruti, Batata Harra, Fries, Juice, Prawns, Fruits, Wines, Kebabs and lots more.

These meals are served by cheerful waiters and prepared by world-class chefs. Similarly, the structure is a representation of cultural decorations with breathtaking water views.

Location: 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island Lagos. Also, dine-in and takeaway options are open to provide you with ease and luxury. The outdoor seats are arranged beautifully and you will fall in love with its sights.

Stories and reviews do not justice to this incredible structure of class and standard in Lagos. Therefore you should tour as soon as possible. Despite the busy Lagos setting, the city’s restaurant variety is available to serve you the best. You should visit one of these restaurants soon. Food is life anyway and enjoying it in the right place makes it better.

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