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Review: Conrad Osaka | Prince of Travel

The Conrad Osaka is one of the leading hotels in Japan’s second-largest city, having opened relatively recently in the summer of 2017. Since opening, it has quickly climbed the ranks as one of the best Conrad locations in the world.

I was drawn to the hotel after hearing very good things about the property, including the impressive design and the endless panoramic views of the city. For one of our two nights in Osaka, we decided to stay here and give it a go.

Conrad Osaka – Booking

Whether using points or cash, a stay at the Conrad Osaka doesn’t come cheap – the property is noticeably priced at a premium compared to others in the same brand, like the Conrad Tokyo.

I opted to book this property using a Hilton Free Night Reward. I wound up getting great value out of this certificate, as cash rates at this property range from ¥45,000–68,000 ($425–644 CAD).

If I had booked the stay using Hilton points instead of a Free Night Reward, it would’ve cost 95,000 Hilton Honors points per night. 

Based on our current valuation of Hilton Honors points at 0.6 cents per point (CAD), I wouldn’t necessarily have squeezed great value out of my points here.

Plus, in my estimation, 95,000 points is a fairly steep price for a city hotel (albeit a luxurious one) where we wouldn’t end up spending too much time.

Indeed, when a Hilton property is priced expensively in either points or cash, I always consider it a great candidate for a Free Night Reward redemption, and that was exactly my rationale for booking this stay.

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Conrad Osaka – Location

Conrad Osaka is located north of the city centre, on the Nakanoshima sandbank within the Dojima River. It occupies the 33rd to 40th floors of the Nakanoshima Festival West Tower.

The hotel conveniently sits between two major shopping districts in Osaka: Umeda and Namba. The location is ideal for transport links, given its direct connection to the Osaka Metro’s Yotsubashi Line at Higobashi Station via an underground tunnel.

There are two entrances on either side of Conrad Osaka. The front entrance is used for vehicles, while the other is the pedestrian entrance that provides access to the metro.

Conrad Osaka – Entrance

From the hotel, it’s just a quick subway ride to Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, two of Osaka’s main tourist districts famous for their shopping, billboards, and eateries. Meanwhile, Osaka Castle is just three metro stations east of the hotel.

It’s also a quick train ride from Osaka Namba Station, a major regional transport terminal. Shin-Osaka Station is located in the opposite direction, north of Umeda, serving as the Shinkansen hub for passengers commuting between Osaka and the rest of Japan.

From Namba Station, the Nankai Line provides a direct route to and from Osaka Kansai International Airport, which is approximately an hour’s journey by train or a 45-minute ride by taxi. Osaka Itami Airport, which serves domestic flights, is a closer 20-minute car ride away. 

Conrad Osaka – Check-in

We arrived at the Conrad Osaka around 5pm. An artful chandelier adorns the otherwise modest ground-floor lobby, and there’s a set of elevators that brings you up to the hotel’s main lobby on the 40th floor.

Conrad Osaka – Ground floor elevators

As soon as I exited the elevator and stepped onto the 40th floor, I was welcomed by one of the most captivating and beautiful hotel lobbies I’ve ever seen.

The space was downright stunning, with skyline views of Osaka overlooking the 38th and 39th floors.

Conrad Osaka – Lobby lounge

A grand spiral staircase inspired by a ribbon design leads down into the 38th-floor landing area. The lounge was bathed in the warm sunlight through the never-ending floor-to-ceiling windows.

Conrad Osaka – Spiral staircase
Conrad Osaka – Lobby lounge

Back on the 40th floor, turning the corner, a hallway is flanked by illuminated floating art installation that is intended to mimic the “God of Wind and Thunder.”

Conrad Osaka – Art installation

Passing in between the bold artwork and following the makeshift steps mirrored along the ceiling, you’ll arrive at the front desk, where check-in is handled.

Conrad Osaka – Check-in desks
Conrad Osaka – Lobby lounge

The fusion of architecture and art created an environment akin to an elegant sanctuary in the sky. Moreover, the juxtaposition of dark stone walls with oak wooden touches embraces a sleek and luxurious feel, setting the tone for a wonderful stay.

Conrad Osaka – Lobby lounge

The check-in associates confirmed our benefits as Hilton Diamond members, including complimentary breakfast in the morning and Executive Lounge access.We also inquired about a potential late check-out time the following day.

While technically Hilton Diamond members aren’t entitled to a guaranteed late check-out, we requested to stay in the room until 1pm, and fortunately, it was granted.

We were then shown to Room 3703, the Executive Corner Suite.

Conrad Osaka – Elevator
Conrad Osaka – Hallway
Conrad Osaka – Room 3703

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite

I’d note upfront that this isn’t necessarily a “standard” suite upgrade for Hilton Diamond members. The hotel were aware of our arrival in advance and was gracious enough to offer this upgrade.

However, with sharp “suite-talking” skills and a stroke of luck, I wouldn’t say that this upgrade is out of reach if you’re staying as a Diamond member or on a Hilton Impresario or Virtuoso rate either, since there are still a fair few suite types above it. 

The Executive Corner Suite is quite spacious at 710 square feet. The suite comes with a bedroom and a designated living area.

The interiors consist of silver with oak tones, accompanied by bold red lacquerware-style artwork. The views facing south-by-southwest elegantly framed the suite’s curved border, and were unequivocally its best feature.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite views
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite views

The living area features a plush extended couch and an armchair, which surrounded a flat-screen TV.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite living area
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite living area
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite living area

On the left-hand wall are a desk and table. The table was set with a welcome gift of sweets and grapes, accompanied by a bottle of sake.

Conrad Osaka – Desk & table
Conrad Osaka – Welcome gifts

In the far corner are a mini-bar and pantry, with a coffee and tea station.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite pantry & coffee maker
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite mini-bar

A sliding door leads into a spacious bedroom, where a Conrad-branded teddy bear and rubber duck were positioned on the king bed. After staying at the Tokyo and Osaka hotels, I realized this was indeed a signature feature of Conrad hotels all around the world.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite bedroom
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite bedroom
Conrad Osaka – Conrad bear & rubber duck

All technology, from the main lighting and drapes to the room temperature, is controlled by high-tech bedside tablets for optimal functionality.

A plush bench is at the foot of the bed, while a small chaise longue is positioned by the window. Next to the chaise longue is a small wooden vanity.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite bedroom
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite bedroom chaise longue & vanity

The bedroom’s flat-screen TV is affixed to the wall between the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite TV

The suite’s bathroom connects back to the foyer, which also features a spacious walk-in closet.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite walk-in closet
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite walk-in closet

The bathroom carries a sleek and modern appearance. The vanity features two vessel sinks and large mirrors, and the shower and a luxurious circular bath are both located in a single Japanese-style wet room.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite bathroom
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite shower and bathtub
Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite vanity

A small half-bathroom is located at the front of the room, with just a toilet and sink.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Corner Suite half bathroom

Overall, the Executive Corner Suite was lavish and incredibly spacious, with absolutely unbeatable views of Osaka. I really appreciated the Conrad Osaka’s generosity in offering the upgrade.

Conrad Osaka – King Deluxe Room

Although I was lucky to get a nice upgrade, I also wanted to get a feel of what guests might anticipate from the Conrad Osaka’s base-level rooms, so I took the opportunity to take a quick tour of the other room categories.

The hotel has King Deluxe Rooms and King Premiere Views Deluxe Rooms. The interiors are the same; however, the latter offers a higher floor with a better view.

These are very spacious living quarters for a base-level room. The average hotel in Japan often comes with limited square footage, so the extra space here at the Conrad Osaka is a notable feature.

The design was in keeping with my suite, with a mostly silver palette accompanied by pops of red throughout.

The room features a king bed and then a chaise longue in the corner, alongside a desk and table. A flat-screen TV sits opposite the bed.

Conrad Osaka – Deluxe King Room bedroom
Conrad Osaka – Deluxe King Room bed
Conrad Osaka – Deluxe King Room chaise longue & desk

The bathroom setup is very similar to what we had in our suite, with a single wet room for bathing facilities, two sliding doors for privacy, and a toilet in a separate half-bathroom.

Conrad Osaka – King Deluxe Room bathroom

Conrad Osaka – Breakfast

As a Hilton Diamond member, complimentary breakfast is served in the Atmos restaurant. There was a separate à la carte menu that you could order from in addition to the buffet.

Conrad Osaka – Breakfast buffet at Atmos

I was delighted to find a few specialty beverages available on the menu, and I helped myself to a delicious matcha latte.

Most of my breakfast came from the impressive buffet spread, which included traditional Japanese and Western food types.

There was a customary comprehensive Japanese rice bowl station, similar to over at the Conrad Tokyo.

Here at the Osaka location, the rice bowl station had seared albacore tuna in addition to the customary toppings such as salmon roe and onsen tamago (a raw egg), which certainly caught my attention.

The buffet also offered Japanese-style curry rice, a savoury specialty item of which I finished every bite.

Conrad Osaka – Curry rice at Atmos

There were also individual stations for juices, fruit, and pastries.

Lastly, I decided to try the “Today’s Morning Noodle” option from the à la carte menu. The bowl of udon was quite flavourful and a very light portion, and I felt that it was a perfect addition to my breakfast.

Conrad Osaka – Today’s Morning Noodle option at Atmos

Everything you could ask for in a Japanese, Asian, or Western breakfast was available, and the Conrad Osaka certainly didn’t disappoint with its breakfast offerings.

I must say, after staying at the Tokyo and Osaka locations, I’ve been mightily impressed by what the Conrad brand serves up in the mornings so far. 

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge

You’ll find the hotel’s Executive Lounge on the 39th floor. I was eligible for access to the lounge on account of my Hilton Diamond status.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to indulge in its food and drink selection, as I simply stopped by for a quick peek.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge entrance

There is an evening spread with complimentary hors d’oeuvres; however, because we already had plans in Osaka that evening, we didn’t get a chance to check it out.

The space appeared to be civilized and refined, while still giving off a classic luxury vibe.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge seating

There was plenty of seating dotted around the lounge, including casual two-person seating overlooking a view of the city, dining tables in the centre of the lounge, and a few cozy sofas.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge seating
Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge seating

Moreover, there was a separate room that served as a meeting space.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge meeting room

During the day, the lounge offers a spread of snacks, as well as grab-and-go coffee and tea.

Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge snack buffet
Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge snacks
Conrad Osaka – Executive Lounge beverages

Although I didn’t spend too much time here, I think this Executive Lounge would make a great little sanctuary outside of your room for a longer stay here at the Conrad Osaka.

It’d be an ideal spot for a few snacks in the day or a drink in the evenings, whether it’s to work in a quiet space or simply unwind and take in the breathtaking view of the city.

Conrad Osaka – Other Facilities

Atmos, where breakfast is served, is also open for all-day dining. The venue connects to both the lobby lounge and bar, offering both Asian and Western cuisine.

Conrad Osaka – Atmos entrance
Conrad Osaka – Atmos seating

The 40 Sky Bar & Lounge is connected to Atmos, and appeared to be a classy area to enjoy a drink in the evening, with elaborate hanging crystals marking its entrance. 

Conrad Osaka – 40 Sky Bar & Lounge

I wish I had had the time to swing by and post up at the bar for a drink, but perhaps I’ll get the chance to do so on a subsequent trip.

Conrad Osaka – 40 Sky Bar & Lounge entrance
Conrad Osaka – 40 Sky Bar & Lounge bar

Kura, the hotel’s signature Japanese restaurant on the 40th floor, offers teppanyaki stations, sushi, and kaiseki.

At the time of our stay, a designated Dom Perignon-themed room was used to exclusively serve black-coloured cuisine and Dom Perignon Champagne.

Conrad Osaka – Kura teppanyaki station
Conrad Osaka – Kura seating
Conrad Osaka – Dom Perignon room at Kura

Lastly, the C:Grill shares space with Kura. The grill takes a novel approach to its menu by offering a fresh crustaceans bar with classic Western dishes and drinks.

Conrad Osaka – C:Grill bar
Conrad Osaka – C:Grill seating

All of the hotel’s dining venues boast spectacular views of Osaka, which is one of the defining features of the hotel. 

The spa is on the 38th level. The pool area has floor-to-ceiling windows with an uninterrupted view of the city, premium jet-black lounge chairs dotted around, and a contemporary ambience.

Conrad Osaka – Spa entrance
Conrad Osaka – Indoor pool
Conrad Osaka – Indoor pool

Additionally, the change rooms provide a few additional spa facilities, including a hot tub and a cool plunge pool.

Conrad Osaka – Change room hot tub
Conrad Osaka – Change room cold plunge pool

The fitness centre at the hotel is rather modest, with adequate free weights and one of each main piece of equipment. However, there was plenty of floor space if you wanted to do yoga or some stretching.

Conrad Osaka – Fitness centre
Conrad Osaka – Fitness centre
Conrad Osaka – Fitness centre


The Conrad Osaka is an impressive upscale hotel that I can wholeheartedly recommend. While the hotel can be expensive on both points and cash, it no doubt ranks among Osaka’s best accommodations if you can swing it. 

The hotel embraces an ultra-modern design, with a peaceful ambiance and an exquisite three-storey lobby that’s among the best I’ve ever stepped foot in. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, visiting the 40 Sky Bar & Lounge for a drink could be rewarding in and of itself.

The rooms are spacious, design-forward, and equipped with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. The only drawback may be the hotel’s location, which isn’t the most central or walkable, but the convenient underground link to Higobashi Station is a redeeming factor. 

I savoured every moment of my time in the Executive Corner Suite, and look forward to checking out some other room types when I enthusiastically return to this property the next time I’m in Osaka. 

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