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places to visit in Dubai for free

Did you know there are several places you can visit in Dubai for free? Despite the expressions of extravagance that decorates the city of Dubai, there are beautiful places you can visit for free. 

Did you know there are several places you can visit in Dubai for free? Despite the expressions of extravagance that decorates the city of Dubai, there are beautiful places you can visit for free. 

Not to worry, even in a city that speaks so much glitz and glamour, there is room to discover certain spots without having to pay a dime. This will afford you the chance 

Plus, there are thousands of available things to do in Dubai even while you take a walk or just decide to explore the ancient and cultural legacy of the city. This is another reason to visit Dubai. After processing your Dubai Visa and you are considering adventurous things you can do in Dubai.

Beautiful resorts in Dubai

places to visit in Dubai for free

These are the 18 things you can do in Dubai for free. Culled by the Travelwaka Team.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

As a way to study the marshy habitats in Dubai, you can freely tour Ras Al Khor Wildlife Refuge which is along Hatta road, the downtown area of Dubai. There, you will be able to see diverse bird species and the pink flamingos that have been sheltered in Dubai over the years. This is one of the places you can visit in Dubai for free.

Also, upon entry into the facility, you have the chance to sit in air-conditioned viewing rooms where you will take a close look at the adaptive habits and feeding patterns of different bird species through a window area. Since Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary has been well developed to suit your needs as a tourist, you do not have to pay to access the facility, which is open from Saturdays to Thursdays, between the hours of 8 am till 6 pm.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary places to visit in Dubai for free

Other activities to engage in at the wildlife sanctuary are to take amazing pictures, ask questions from tour guides and spend ten minutes of your life exploring the mangroves and bird hides in Dubai. Bird species, as well as mangrove swamp habitats, are equally found on the marshland, some of which include kingfishers, egrets, stocks, fish eaters and many more.

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The Dubai Fountain

More like a live performance of moving waters, the Dubai Fountain is another free spot where you can explore waters, heights and uniqueness. It is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates. This is another reason to visit Dubai.

You have the privilege of viewing the dancing fountains which were created to serve as a point of interest to visitors in the evenings for 30 minutes once it is 6 pm. Although it is one of the most expensive constructions made on the Burj Khalifa water territory, you can access it for free anytime alongside other visitors.

The Dubai Fountain

Besides, the extensive area is known for entertainment and perfect lighting to capture the Arabian style. The overflowing waters are also set to fascinate you every day, and while you stand at Dubai Mall you can take a closer look at the fountain. You should add the Dubai fountain to your list of free places to visit in Dubai.

Al Seef

Al Seef which is very close to the metro station area in Dubai is a contemporary tourist destination. It is a traditional community which is open till midnight and showcases Arabian existence in full, with the buildings and lifestyle in Al Seef as well as cities nearby.

Since Al Seef was constructed and expanded into a famous world attraction in Dubai. Many travellers do add this location as one of the very important places to visit in Dubai for free due to its beautiful scenery.

Al Seef places to visit for free

Also, you can be a part of this because it is freely available and the only places you will spend are at Arabian and Italian restaurants or souvenir shops. This is if you desire to purchase meals, snacks and drinks or handcrafted gift items and clothing.

Apart from this, you can participate in cultural live shows, entertainment sessions and performances or behold the stunning ocean views directly at the centre of Al Seef.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is a spot to be entertained even with evening shows, children’s play toys, dining and shopping centres. It is located amongst the rivers and lakes and it is close to bus stations for ease of transportation to the mall.

Looking into the free sections of the mall, there is an available parking lot at the arena as well as an opportunity to enjoy free state-of-the-art displays.

Al Seef places to visit for free

Thus, the arena is open till midnight and you can watch the fascinating “Imagine” modern light protrusions that cast shadows on the waters.

Then, you can enjoy delectable meals, explore boat rides if you desire or just stick to admiring and enjoying free night shows at the festival city mall.

Kite Beach

Kite beach is another place to visit in Dubai for free. The Kite Beach in Dubai is open to every member of the public, no entry payment is required and you can even come into the region with your food and drinks. Hence, you do not have to spend anything in this free location.

Kite Beach

Also, you are fully permitted to swim in the waters or engage in water recreational activities personally or with members of your family. Kite Beach is open till night with lighting from Burj Al Arab which extends throughout the beach.

Jumeirah Public Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a public free beach where you can hang out to enjoy the coasts and nearby tourist attractions.

Thus, one of the advantages of visiting Jumeirah beach apart from water adventure is the proximity to beautiful destinations.

At the beach, you can eat and drink, swim, ride in water crafts, view the jaw-dropping beach hotels and also enjoy the natural breezy environment.

Jumeirah beach which is a popular choice is open from morning till late at night so you can choose your preferred visit times.

Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake is a region with a haven as well as dry and windy areas in Dubai. You are free to enter the artificial lake and also engage in diverse activities there. Entry to Al Qudra Lake is free.

Al Qudra Lake

First, you can have a family picnic on the sands where you wine and dine plus take spectacular pictures of the lake. Also, since the area has a mangrove spot, certain birds move and live in the region as a way to stay protected, thus another wildlife reserve in Dubai.

Also, the installations at the lake enable you to view the sunrise and sunset, while you either take long walks or ride bicycles all around the Al Qudra lake. Plus, you can pitch tents and enjoy a night’s vacation at Al Qudra.

Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk is a traditional Dubai market where you can shop for spices, herbs, traditional wear and glamorous Arabian golds and jewellery. It is located at Deira, Al Ras Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Spice Souk

Thus, if you desire to just freely admire the artistic expressions of Dubai and handmade items, fashion accessories and many more, then you can walk into the Dubai spice souk at any time of the day.

This is because the arena also allows you to learn more about the things that make up the totality of Dubai society.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

The amazing free animal sporting event that is held in Dubai every year is at the Dubai Camel Racing Club. The camel club is situated at Al Marmoom in Dubai, which is one of the best and most popular trail lawns in the city.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

Thus, once your Dubai travel falls into when the camel racing event is taking place, you are welcome to attend and watch the animal sporting tournament at no cost.

Amazing how over 50 camels are placed on tracks and can even be controlled with updated technology for racing competitions. Besides, this camel racing competition is a cultural game in Dubai that also displays ancient ceremonies. This is also another exciting thing you can do for free in Dubai.

Dubai Heritage Village

Dubai Heritage Village is the best free place to visit if you are well concerned about discovering the components of the Arabian culture. The village is an ancient one with old buildings and residents that serve as tour guides and hosts.

Dubai Heritage Village
c Paolo Rossetti

It is located in the popular Shindagha arena which is surrounded by the brook in Dubai as well as historical shops. Therefore, you can learn more about early Dubai before civilization hit the city by hiking skyscrapers to view the city very well.

Also, the Dubai Heritage village has mini artefacts section where handcrafts and local cooking items made of clay are produced. Plus, a visit to the old mosques, aged housing settings with terraces and enclosed areas within the village is also a great idea.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is a free interest to behold in Dubai, which is situated in a wide arena that provides enough space for hundreds of tourists.

Dubai Water Canal

Also, the water canal is a dramatic spot that presents a designed waterfall that is glowing, colourful and fascinating. Your tourism and adventure are quite complete here because since it is accessible you can stand and admire or sit and unwind with loved ones.

In addition, there are tracks in the canal arena where you can keep fit by riding bicycles around the cycling paths or jogging around the sprint trails.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Situated at Al-Sheikh Zayed street, Ibn Battuta, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Gurunanak temple is a religious centre. The Centre which was constructed over 10 years ago was made to promote the Sikh religion of Dubai residents.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Also, the temple arena is a free arena where prayers go on in the wide room with the latest installations to accommodate over 50,000 worshippers. Plus for relaxation, there is a public swimming arena and a dining arena at Gurunanak temple which is open from 4:30 am till 9:00 pm every day.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical neighbourhood is situated at Bur Dubai, Al Hamriya, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The location has been existing since the 18th century, however, modern facilities have been added to the neighbourhood.

As a very crucial part of your trip to Dubai, you need to visit Al Fahidi and see the ancient Arab world plus relate with residents of the area who are willing to help you on your tour. Also, you can take a walk around the straight corners of the neighbourhood, enter the buildings and behold the settings and Dubai landscape.

The Yard, Dubai

The Yard in Dubai is an excellent travel destination situated in faraway Al Khawaneej in Dubai. The location is a complete package attraction which has shopping stores, mini marts, a bridge, restaurants and play areas for children.

The Yard, Dubai

Also, visitors have claimed that your Dubai cultural excursion is incomplete if you do not visit the yard. Just so you know, you need to ride in public buses to get to the yard. A visit to the Yard is free and comes at no cost to the user.

In addition, you can take a love walk on the narrow bridge where you seal your admiration for your partner, window shop the boutiques and gift shops or take the best pictures with the animated backgrounds.

Emirates Towers

At Emirate Towers, which is a lofty castle at Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre, Trade Centre 2, the United Arab Emirates you experience the best of comfort and convenience. The towers have fifty-six floors with exotic suites and villas, swimming arenas, massage rooms and cafes.

Emirates Towers

The towers can be visited for free, where you have the chance to sightsee and also dive into the beach without paying any dime.

La Mer

La Mer beach in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an accessible modern beach that has lots of white sands, palm trees, watercraft and arenas for relaxation.

This means that you can visit La Mer anytime during the day with a plan to hang out at the seaside, take pictures at the beautiful destination or wine and dine by the shore.

Love Lake

Love Lake is one of the lake regions at Al Qudra in Dubai that you can visit for free. The fascinating development of this region is the love etches on the sands which surround the plant species and the lake.

Love Lake

Here, you can plan a romantic adventure with your lover and also take lovely pictures of various spots. Also, the lakeside is quite extensive, therefore you can explore and tour Love lake on foot or plan your special moments however you desire.

Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai is a free arena that has an ultramodern style adapted from French, British, Mexican and Indian settings. The location has restaurants where you can also sit and enjoy English burgers, barbecues, grills, and Mexican and Italian dishes too.

Besides, there are popular malls where household items like clothing and souvenirs are sold. Although the buildings are ancient, it pictures an amazing destination you should visit on your tour to Dubai.

There are many other adventurous activities you can do in Dubai.

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