New Dubai Visa Requirements for Nigerians


new visa requirement in nigeria

Based on different developments, Dubai keeps introducing new rules and requirements for Nigerians. There are new visa rules recently put in place for Nigerians intending to visit Dubai. Though, these standards are rigorous but achievable with legitimate motives in consideration.

Whether as a first-time visitor to Dubai or on a subsequent tour to Nigeria. These are all you are expected to know about the new Dubai visa policies for Nigerians. Plus, things to note on your next trip to the city of Dubai.


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Dubai and Nigeria’s diplomatic ties

Nigeria and Dubai share a positive and highly promising diplomatic relationship. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy is located in Nigeria.

Also, these diplomatic relations were further strengthened by the peaceful visit of the Nigerian president to Dubai in 2015. Thus, this has made the city of Dubai the top tourist destination for Nigerians travelling to the Asian continent.

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates on the Asian continent. Plus, Dubai shares borders in the North with Abu Dhabi and has proximity to the Persian Gulf.

 As always argued, Dubai is an Arab city that belongs to the Federation of the United Emirates.

Also, Dubai gained its independence from Great Britain in 1971 and it has continued to expand and advance in almost all sectors.

new dubai requirements in Nigeria

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What excites Nigerians about a trip to Dubai?

Dubai is well-known for luxury, ancient and stunning skyscrapers, desert adventures, mind-blowing malls and architectural designs. This also accounts for Dubai’s evolving innovations and technology.

Amazingly, Dubai has been a regular destination for Nigerians over the years. This is mostly due to her cultural settings, attractions, and luxurious malls.

Furthermore, Dubai banks on travel and tourism. Hence, the reason for the high influx of Nigerians and individuals all over the world into the city annually.

Do you need a visa to travel to Dubai as a Nigerian?

Yes, Nigerians need a visa to travel to Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai visa can be applied for online with final touches at the Dubai visa application centre in Lagos.

Cost of the Dubai Visitors Visa for Nigerians

cost of Dubai in Nigeria

The cost of a Dubai visa depends on the type of visa. The cost of dubai visa is

1 month

3 Months

Residence Visa

Partnership Visa

Although, the cost of a Dubai visa depends on the category of visa you are applying for. Accordingly, it is also affected by exchange rates and other values.

Other recent categories of visas available to Nigerians

• The Dubai tourist or visitor visa is available to Nigerians who are interested in touring the city for vacations or visitation. Although, the duration of travel and the number of times you can enter the city varies per application.

For instance, the single entry visa allows you to visit the city once within the space of 30-90 days. While the multiple entry visa gives you the alternative of touring the city of Dubai more than once in the space of 30-90 days.

Alike, there is the 14- day single entry visa that permits entry to and exit from Dubai within 14 days without extension.

Requirements for a Dubai Visa

Valid International Passport: A Valid International passport is needed to process a Dubai visa. the passport should have an expiration of at least six months. A copy of your international passport data page must be provided.

Passport Photograph: A recent passport photograph with a white background. The passport must have been taken within the last six months. 

Complete Application: A Completion of an online application form which must be detailed and accurate. Payment of the visa application fee online with a credit or debit card

Purpose of Visit: Purpose of visit with a letter to back up your claim as required.

Travel plan/ itinerary: This includes what you intend to do in the city of Dubai, how long you will stay, where you will stay and when you want to leave.

Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination: Another requirement is evidence of COVID 19 vaccination or a negative covid 19 test. 

For business tourists, evidence of your business or type of job with your tax information and business registration status is required.

Proof of medical or health insurance: You must provide evidence of health insurance. You have to prove you can manage any health situation that arises in the city of Dubai and you are medically fit for the trip.

Invitation Letter: Letter of invitation from the person who has invited you to visit Dubai with adequate residential and contact information. In case you have been sponsored by a company or relative, there must be indications that reveal this in a letter.

Also, you are to present a copy of your host’s or sponsor’s valid Dubai passport and residential details, telephone number, date of invitation and signature.

The new Dubai visa requirements for Nigerians

Added to the requirements above, the Dubai immigration law has enforced the following new requirements for Nigerians applying for Dubai visas.

A six-month bank statement

For Nigerians applying for a Dubai travel visa, it has been enforced that you provide evidence of income or six months bank statements. The bank account must have been in operation for a few years and must show at least six months of consistent transactions.

Again, the evidence should be linked to your visa application process whether online or offline. Although quite similar to the proof of funds, this is more complex and will undergo proper investigations to prevent illegal immigration.

To get this done, you are to provide a letter from your bank which will show that the bank account is valid and has the required funds for your trip, to and fro.

Proof of Accommodation

Proof of accommodation (whether hotel reservations or provided by invitation). You must provide proof of accommodation that can be confirmed by the immigration.

Moreover, this shows that you have a place to stay on your tour and the address or details must be given as required by the law. Thus, whether you book a hotel in advance or you have an invitation from someone in Dubai where you intend to stay, it must be adequately indicated.

A registered travel agency can also help you get through this process.

You can contact Travelwaka to help facilitate the visa processing. 

Evidence of return flight ticket

Another new requirement for a Dubai visa is evidence of a return flight. This new Dubai visa requirement mandates you to book a flight ticket as an additional requirement.

Without a return ticket, you will not be granted a Dubai visa, talk more of being permitted to travel to Dubai. Therefore you need to purchase a return airline ticket back to Nigeria after your tour.

Alternatively, this can be done with the help of a travel agency.

Reasons for the addition to the visa requirements for Nigerians

High crime rates among Some Nigerians in Dubai

Owing to a recent conflict between cult groups in Dubai which led to severe injuries and death of individuals. The decision on the new visa requirements was made. At a point, some strict laws have been put in place that does not even allow any Nigerian male under 35 years of age to be able to visit Dubai. This was later resolved

Disorderliness owing to lack of travel plan or intentions

Also, after thorough research was made, it was recorded that some Nigerians living or touring the city of Dubai without any obvious reason or standard evidence should be ejected. This is because of the disorderly conduct and irresponsible acts committed by some Nigerians in Dubai.

With this in mind, the travel plan was reviewed to allow only serious-minded and peace-loving individuals the opportunity to travel to Dubai. Hence, for any Nigerian travelling to Dubai, it must be visible that you have a place to stay on your tour which will be thoroughly investigated.

Insufficient funds leading to Nigerians becoming stranded in Dubai

After careful consideration, the chairman of Nigerians in diaspora addressed the situation of insufficient travel funds. Hence, a requirement was set for Nigerians travelling to Dubai to have a copy of their bank statements submitted along with other documents while processing a visa.

The provided bank statements must show inflow and outflow of cash and other spending within a space of six months. Also, it includes the estimated funds for your trip to and from Dubai.

Illegal immigration

Over the years, there have been cases of illegal immigrants in Dubai. These immigrants have caused a lot of havoc to the peaceful state of the city, destroying lives and properties.

While the investigation into the cause of this was been done. In this regard, all boundaries have been set and more pronounced restrictions are also available to resolve this issue.

Thus, you must have reserved your flight ticket back to your destination and present it for the check while applying for a Dubai visa from Nigeria.

Although, when the law would be removed has not been communicated to Nigerians at the moment. 

How do I get the new Dubai visa requirements in Nigeria?

With the help of a registered travel agency, you will be able to start the application from start to finish.

Also, since the documents you are expected to submit are important, you must not ignore or else you will not be granted a visa. Plus, this explains why you need current information and you need to be up to date about the Dubai application process.

Do the new requirements cover just entry or exit from Dubai?

The new visa requirements cover entry as well as exit from Dubai. However, your return flight ticket and your passport are of great importance at the time of departure.

All information provided must be genuine and updated. Also, you must not be guilty of any crime while in Dubai or you will be punished accordingly and deported.

Where to process the Dubai visa in Nigeria?

The Dubai Visa can be processed online for the electronic visa and all complaints can be done through an agent or submitted to the Visa application centre in Lagos.

For Dubai visa Applications in Nigeria, you can contact Travelwaka tours 

Need Help With Dubai Visa Application in Nigeria? Kindly contact Travelwaka  

Please Call 0817-309-1370

of Apply Via the VFS in Lagos or the UAE embassy in Abuja

Address: VFS Global Services Nigeria

Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, 3rd Roundabout,

Lekki‑Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase I,

Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone: +234 81 5018 8800

Available days and times: Mondays to Fridays between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm

Can my Dubai visa application be rejected as a Nigerian?

Yes, your Dubai visa application can be rejected due to the following reasons;

  • Failure to provide all the newly required travel documents and requirements.
  • Inaccurate data submission
  • False proof of accounts and accommodation evidence.
  • Application with an expired or damaged passport
  • No evidence of reserved flight ticket
  • Failure to provide vaccination reports or when you do manipulate health claims
  • Inability to provide all the documents required of you
  • When you do not provide a reasonable travel plan or intention.
  • Late application less than two months to travel date

Likewise, Dubai immigration officials have different reasons why they reject a visa application. Hence, the need to carefully and thoroughly scan through the process to know the best method applicable to you.

Things to note for a successful Dubai visa application in Nigeria


This means that all information provided must be real. For details on your passport, it should reveal the number, date it was issued and expiration date.

Also, take note of the information provided on your birth and marriage certificates. Plus, in case you are expected to supply information about your job or qualifications, make sure it is correct.

All applications for a Dubai visa must be truthful and error-free. This is a major factor that will determine your successful visa application, especially as a Nigerian.

Once you are denied a visa to Dubai based on dishonesty, it might be difficult to get another one.

You must have a valid reason for travelling

Dubai has harsh laws in place for offenders

Apply early to receive your visa quick

Keep checking online for updates on the new laws applicable to Nigerians travelling to DubaiYou can as well fly with Emirates Airlines, thus whatever information you receive from this source is acceptable.

How many people travel to Dubai yearly?

Amazingly, according to recent statistics, Dubai welcomes over 16 million tourists. This number is the highest on record for tourism to the United Arab Emirates.

Interestingly, even in the world travel and tourism rate, Dubai still stands out as the most visited city annually.

Can I Cancel my Dubai visa application in Nigeria?

Yes, you can cancel your visa application to Dubai.

Best time to apply for a Dubai visa?

Due to the varying processing times, you should apply for a Dubai visa at least two weeks before your intended travel date.

Duration of Dubai visa application in Nigeria

It takes about 3-8 working days to process the Dubai visa in Nigeria. This excludes weekends or public holidays.

Need Help With Dubai Visa?

Need Help With Dubai Visa Application in Nigeria? Kindly contact Travelwaka  

Please Call 0817-309-1370