Mallorca Weekend: The Perfect 3 or 2 Day Mallorca Itinerary


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Planning a weekend in Mallorca and want to know how to make the most of your time? You’re in the right spot because I’m ready to share with you all my knowledge and love for Mallorca. 

Let me introduce you to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain, near Valencia. While many travel to nearby Ibiza, Mallorca has much more charm!

While spending only 2 days in Mallorca will be packed, it’s totally doable and makes for a pretty magical couple of days! This itinerary allows you to experience some of the best on the island and get a sense of its culture. You’ll want to come back to explore more!

Let’s dive in!

A beach cove on Mallorca Island, the turquoise water contrasts with the rock in the background. A few people are swimming in the cove.
Can you see those tiny people? That’s what I call a perfect private beach.

Mallorca Weekend Overview

For this Mallorca itinerary, I assume you arrive on Friday evening and spend all Saturday and Sunday on the island, leaving on Sunday. If you arrive on Saturday, you may have to tweak the morning.

Alternatively, if you have a long weekend in Mallorca and have all of Friday, I recommend adding this catamaran tour to your agenda. You will get access to exclusive coves to swim in, along with tapas and wine. Need I say more?

For those who are not fans of boat trips, go to Puerto Pollensa Town and its gorgeous beaches and the famous MIrador Es Colomer. We are not adding Pollensa to this 2-day Mallorca itinerary because it’s a bit far from Palma, you definitely need an extra day(s) to visit it. 

If you keep this Mallorcan travel guide “as is,” you will split your time between beach time and exploring the cities that I love.

Friday night will be spent hanging out in the capital city, Palma. Saturday will be spent exploring the Traumontana mountain towns, with Sunday being a beach day.

Photo of the flight ticket from Mallorca to Ibiza in Spain.
Off to the Balearic Islands.

How to Get Around Mallorca

I’ve also created the itinerary, assuming you have a rental car, as this is the best way to travel around Mallorca. Renting a car is affordable and gives you much more freedom and flexibility to see things without worrying about returning to the bus stop at a specific time.

However, when I visited the island, I traveled around by rental car and public bus so I could get a feel for both methods. After the itinerary, I’ll give some ways you could do this itinerary without a car.

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Photo of the side of Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, one of the tallest cathedrals in Europe and a major attraction in Mallorca old town.
You can’t spend a weekend in Mallorca without marvel this beauty.

Day 0 – Friday Night in Mallorca


Since you’re leaving the city tomorrow, today is going to be a full day of seeing all the main sites of Palma before dinner and drinks.

There are a few things that you can’t spend a weekend in Palma de Mallorca without crossing off your Mallorcan bucket list:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma—the Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral—is in the center of town. It is one of the tallest Gothic cathedrals in Europe and was partially renovated by the famous Antoni Gaudi. It is one of the most visited places on the island.

Depending on the season, the inside may be closed—it closes around 3 p.m. in the low season and around 5 p.m. in the high season. If you can go inside, don’t skip it because it has a huge rose window.

If you can’t, no worries because the outside of Palma Cathedral is still stunning.

  • Royal Palace of La Almudaina – When the Spanish king and queen visit the island, this is where they stay. It’s only a 5-minute walk from the cathedral so you can see these 2 relatively quickly.

PRO TIP: if you want epic photos of Almudaina Palace and the cathedral, go down the Parc de la Mar stairs.

After seeing these sites, you’ll have some time to get lost in the streets of Palma Old Town before dinner (remember, dinner is LATE in Spain!) The two streets that you should make sure to visit are:

  • La Rambla: A beautiful, paved street that is designed for pedestrians. It’s a relaxing and pretty road with flowers and trees, which might be very welcome from the sun!
  • Passeig Del Born: If you want to do some luxury shopping, spend some extra time here because this is the place to do it! You’ll find all sorts of designer shops and unique boutiques.

Don’t miss a pre-dinner glass of wine at “WINEING,” where you have a self-service wine vending machine. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it’s awesome.

After wine, head over to La Rosa Vermuteria if you want a more trendy spot for dinner. They are known for tapas and vermouth.

If you want to try traditional Mallorcan food, I recommend Celler Pages or Cafe Ca’n Toni. Just make sure to reserve ahead as these spots are hoppin’.

Hilltop village of Deia, a chaming town in the Mallorca Mountains.
Deia is one of the most fairytale places I’ve ever been.

Day 1 – Saturday in Mallorca


Before heading out for the day, wander over to Panadera S’Estacio for a light breakfast. This really cool cafe has a partial-glass floor where you can see the bakers doing their thang.

What you have to get here is the traditional ensaïmada pastry, a spiral-shaped and fluffy pastry that is made with pork lard. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste weird! You can get it with all kinds of filling, but I recommend sticking to the traditional, un-filled one.

Before heading into the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, take a quick drive outside Palma to visit Castel Bellver. It was built in the 14th century for the royalty to stay, and it has some gorgeous views of Palma City!

If you want to go inside, you have to buy a ticket but, even if you don’t, it’s worth seeing for the beautiful views and outside of the Bellver Castle itself.


For the afternoon, you should divide your time between 2 of my favorite mountain towns – Deia and Valldemossa. These cities make you feel like you’ve gone to Tuscany instead of being in Spain.

It’s important to note that you will be driving along the Highway called the MA10 to get to these towns, and it’s a little scary. We came across blind, hair-pin turns with rails that really didn’t instill a sense of safety.

Make sure you go SLOW. All the other tourist cars are too, so don’t worry!

– Valldemossa Village

The best way to experience Valldemossa is simply by wandering around the narrow streets. They are super charming and lined with flowers, stone houses, cute shops, and some adorable restaurants.

If you like art, check out the Carthusian Monastery, where Chopin used to stay in the winter.

Mountain houses at Tramuntana range. Valldemossa Village is a place you should add to your Mallorca Weekend itinerary.
Valldemossa has cute mountain houses.

Deia Village

Deia is one of the most fairytale places I’ve ever been. It’s very similar to Valldemossa, except the views are better as it’s atop a hill. Make sure you walk down the MA10 to the lookout spot (you can’t miss it) for the best views of the city built on the hill.

Here, you can wander the streets or hit Cala Deia for sun and swimming. You’ll find a beautiful cover with rocks to lay on and suntan.

FYI, Cala is how they call beaches in Mallorca. So every time I tell you to go to those beautiful calas I mean go to those beautiful beaches. 😉


If you’re looking for something fancy and romantic, going for dinner at El Olivio is a must. The view is second to none but it is hard to get in, so make reservations!

You could also head back into Palma and choose one of the recommendations from last night if you want something less fancy and want to spend more time in the lively Mallorcan capital.

Mallorca sandy beach with people relaxing by the sea. The water is crystal clear.
Mallorca Weekend mood on!

Day 2 – Sunday in Mallorca


Today, you will do a little beach hopping because Mallorca is in the Mediterranean Sea, home to some of the best beaches ever! But first, breakfast!

Head over to the fan-favorite La Moleinda cafe, where you can get some Instagram-worthy breakfast options to tide you over. You can also stop at the supermarket to grab snacks for a beach day!

Once you’re fueled and ready, jump in the car and start the 1 hour and 15-minute drive to the beachy town in the Southern part of Mallorca, Cala d’Or. You can spend time wandering around the town if you want, or get to the beach.

Cala d’Or has a few beaches nearby that are walkable from each other. We suggest dividing your morning between Cala Gran (the closest beach,) Cala Esmeralda, and Cala Ferrera. Or, just stay at one all morning – the world is your oyster.


Now, it’s time to head over to one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mallorca, Calo Des Moro. It’s about a 30-minute drive and has some of the most turquoise-blue water on the island!

The best way to get to Calo Des Moro is to head to Carrer des Calo des Moro (a street) and then take the staircase down to Cala S’Almunia. From there, you can walk to the beach.

ITINERARY EDIT: If you don’t want to beach hop and prefer to park at one beach all day long, skip the beaches around Cala d’Or in the morning and go straight to Calo Des Moro!

You won’t have many options for lunch around the beach, which is where those snacks come in handy. If you didn’t plan ahead, you could drive about 15 minutes to Cala Figuera, a super cute fishing village that has restaurants on cliffs with stunning views!

Sunset on the Mallorca Island in Spain. The sun is setting behind the rocks and a tiny boat on the sea.
Mallorca sunsets are the perfect postcard picture.


Once the sun goes down, I recommend you catch one Mallorcan sunset as there are some of the most beautiful in Europe!

Route to the “Mirador Des Pontas,” about 15 minutes away. Once you get there, walk down the steep and rocky path to the lookout, where you will see a beautiful rock formation in the shape of an arch where the sun sets!

When you are done with the sunset and panoramic views, head back to Palma to grab dinner and enjoy your last evening on the island!

How to do this Mallorca weekend trip without a car?

If you’re coming to Mallorca and don’t plan to rent a car, you will need to make a few tweaks to this itinerary based on using public transport.

I would recommend a few things:

Mallorca Day 0 evening – keep this the same. You can get the A1 airport bus directly to Palma city center right from the airport, check into your hotel, and then explore and have dinner.

Mallorca Day 1 – I recommend cutting out Castell de Bellver in the morning to have more time to get around the beautiful villages.

However, if you want to use it, do not take public transport. Instead, book a ticket for the Hop On Hop Off bus because it takes you right to the front door. The public bus drops you at the bottom of the huge hill.

Your legs will thank me later.

In order to get to the mountain villages by bus, the easiest way is to get to the intermodal station (bus station) in the city center. From there, take the #203 Valldemossa bus. It’s only 30 minutes or so, and it comes quite regularly, especially during the day.

When you’re ready to leave Valldemossa, take the #203 Soller bus 15 minutes to Deia.

When you’re ready to leave Deia, you must take 2 buses. First, take the #203 Valldemossa to Valdemossa, then the #203 Palma back to the bus station.

It’s confusing because the bus numbers are the same, so make sure you read the screens on the bus. Or, ask the bus driver as they are happy to tell you.

PRO TIP: you can pay for the bus by credit card by tapping when you get on the bus. BUT, you also have to tap when you get off each bus, or you’ll be charged the full rate.

Mallorca Day 2 – If you are taking the bus, skip Cala d’Or and the surrounding beaches because you will have to spend a lot of time on the bus today.

First, you need to take a one-and-a-half-hour bus to Santanyi. Then, from the Polygon S’Olivio bus stop, take the #505 bus to S’Almunia Beach/Calo Des Moro and Cala Llombards. From there, walk 20 minutes to Calo Des Moro.

Some of these buses don’t run in the low season, like November in Mallorca, so this may not be an option if you travel from October through March.

Your best bet is truly to rent a car! Or, if you must take the bus, you could consider the beach right in Palma – Playa de Palma. It’s not as beautiful, but it’s still a Mediterranean beach, so it doesn’t suck, you know?

Where to stay in Mallorca for the weekend

To make the most of this itinerary, I recommend staying all 3 nights in Palma. Palma has the most to do in the evenings and has the most hotel options to suit your travel style and budget.

You could decide to stay the first night in Palma, the second in Deia, and the third in Santanyi, a small and cute town right by the sunset spot, if you don’t want to drive back to Palma each night.

This would be doable if you have a car, but I would not recommend it if you’re taking the bus, as reaching places by bus from Palma is the easiest.

Here are three options of hotels in Palma de Mallorca I recommend:

(click on the hotel’s name to see the photos and rates)

I stayed at this Airbnb and LOVED it. It’s gorgeous, traditional, and centrally located!

Travel Advice:

Don’t forget your Travel Insurance! You don’t want anything to ruin your trip, right? So don’t take the risk! Reliable travel insurance can help you in case of travel issues, from accidents to health problems, travel delays, and lost luggage.

There are many insurances in the market, our picks are HeyMondo and SafetyWing. We used both and always had a good experience. Click on the insurance names to get a quote.

FAQ – Weekend in Mallorca, Spain

Can you do Mallorca in 2 days?

Yes, you can do Mallorca in 2 days! It will be packed if you want to see a lot but it’s doable. You’ll be able to experience a little bit of beach and some of the beautiful mountain villages.

Is Mallorca touristy?

Yes, Mallorca is quite touristy, especially in the summer months. However, it’s still worth checking out for its beautiful beaches, mountain towns, and stunning sunsets!

How to get to Mallorca?

The easiest way to fly to Palma de Mallorca Airport, which receives direct flights from all over Europe including budget airlines.

I suggest you use Skyscanner to find the best flights to Mallorca.

Another option is to take a ferry from a coastal town in Spain like Barcelona or Valencia (here is our Valencia Weekend Guide). But it’s only worth it if you take the night ferry on Thursday or Friday evening and arrive early in Mallorca to enjoy the day. 

You can search for the ferries to Mallorca on Bookaway.

Which other places you should visit in Mallorca?

Well, the whole of Mallorca Island is stunning and worth seeing, but if you have some extra time go to Puerto Pollensa as we mentioned, also check out Port D’Alcudia which has beach resorts and a cute old town. Port de Soller is also worth visiting. 

There are plenty of charming towns, coastal villages, and beaches to visit in Mallorca. After this first weekend here, you will probably plan many more visits.  

Let’s wrap this Mallorca weekend guide

Phew – that’s it! I hope you found this itinerary helpful and now know how to enjoy the best of Mallorca in 2 days!

Whether you decide to rent a car or be adventurous and do it by bus, you’re sure to have an epic weekend in Mallorca! There are so many beautiful towns, beaches that rival the Caribbean, and delicious traditional food with amazing Spanish wine that it’s hard to have a bad time!

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Follow this guide for the perfect 2 or 3 days in Mallorca, Spain. A practical itinerary with what to do in Mallorca in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Tips on where to stay in Mallorca to maximize your time on the island. Plus where to eat, experiences to have, and how to plan the perfect Mallorca weekend.
Author: Taylor Kiser

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