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A Step by Step Guide To giving Birth in Brazil

give birth in brazil

Here is a step by step guide to giving birth in Brazil. Brazil is another country that embraces the act of having your child become a citizen when he or she is born within the borders of the country.

Here is a step by step guide to giving birth in Brazil. Brazil is another country that embraces the act of having your child become a citizen when he or she is born within the borders of the country.

One of the amazing highlights is that the perks cover both parents and children. This is because once you have your baby in Brazil, you have the right to citizenship as well. Therefore you can begin to take steps to discover how to go about giving birth in Brazil. One of the most popular destinations in the world.

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give birth in brazil

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Advantages of being a citizen of Brazil

Citizenship for the whole family

This means that when you have a baby in Brazil, the child is automatically
a citizen. You can as well become one too if you give birth in Brazil. Plus, the whole family can now have the privilege of relocating to Brazil as citizens once they obtain a residency visa.

Visa-free travel privilege

Brazil is one country that offers you the chance of visa-free travel to 171 countries in the world as a citizen. Accordingly, as a citizen of Brazil, you can travel to some other countries without having a visa or paying any visa fee.

Access to free high-standard health care services

Health care in Brazil is highly recognized because not only is it free but it seeks to attend to major health requirements of citizens and foreigners. As a citizen of Brazil, you do not need to stress so much about paying high bills to get medical help.

Also, the nation addresses improvement in facilities and structures to continually improve the quality of life of residents and also reduce death rates.

Access to public services

Public services are accessible to individuals living in Brazil as long as they obtained a visa and came into the country on legal terms. Therefore, you can enjoy services provided by the government by being a citizen of Brazil.

Passport rating

Brazil’s passport is rated as the 21st most regarded passport in the world. This implies that having a Brazilian passport is a plus and you can consider yourself part of a valued society.

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Cost of having a baby in Brazil

The cost of having a baby in Brazil is dependent upon the hospital facility and you. The first thing is that right from the time you decide to give birth to a child in Brazil, your planning begins which costs a lot of money.

Besides, this covers feeding, health care needs, the place you will stay, travel needs and your baby’s needs at the end of the day. While the cost varies per preference, expensive can be compared because financial strengths differ.

On average, you will need about $5000 or more, up to $15000. You should know that your delivery method or procedure and the number of children you are having will further determine the cost.

Factors That Affect Giving Birth in Brazil

Certain health agencies in Brazil offer direct birth tourism services from start to finish, if you wish then you can use their services. They are making everything easy for you, so be aware that you will spend extra money.

Majorly, the cost of having a baby in Brazil is dependent on the following;

Hospital facility

Brazil offers health care services to foreigners based on health needs and the country has one of the most developed health systems in the world.

Although, since you are not a citizen of Brazil, accessing public health facilities could be tasking- though possible. Also, various hospitals provide different services and they charge you based on what they offer.

For instance, if the hospital will provide before and after birth services or even assist with a birth certificate and international passport for your baby, then you can use the facility but be willing to pay the price.

Type of delivery procedure

First, there is the normal vagina delivery of a child, in Brazil, you will pay $5000 or less, being sure of the state and health facility you choose. Note that public hospitals in Brazil or recognized midwives can do this for lesser prices if you have been thoroughly checked and considered fit for normal delivery.

Next is the vaginal delivery with minor difficulties such as a tear during birth or a birth induction, early labour, prolonged labour and so on which costs $4500-$5500. Kindly note that hospital choice, state of birth and health services provided such as laboratory tests, nursing care, pharmacy and so on influence the prices.

Lastly, there is the caesarean section, a surgery required to birth a baby. In Brazil, private health centres can provide this and you will pay more money which could amount to ten thousand dollars or higher.

Number of children you will be having

Multiple births might require higher health needs and services and this will affect the cost of having your baby. While Brazil offers great health care provisions for foreigners as well as residents, you can try a community hospital to cut down expenses- that is if you are having babies through vagina delivery.

Otherwise, you will register with a private hospital where total care will be rendered and also plans for a caesarean section if need be. This costs $8200- $11000 on average, quite cheaper in Florianopolis too!

State where you will be having the baby

Although, it has been reported that giving birth in Brazil is done by professional medical practitioners who can assure you of safety. This is valid
since there is the availability of upgraded medical equipment, trained health care workers as well as an improved medical system in Brazil generally.

Regions such as Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais have been recommended as places with great healthcare facilities to have a baby. Also, it is affordable and you might be looking at spending $10,000 or less concerning what you decide and how much care you need.

Other health needs- complications

Brazil offers private health care services for foreigners who are giving birth in the country. This is because free health care services are only available to residents of the country who have insurance and tax plans.

Thus, in case of birth complications, you can rest assured that you will get the best medical help but it will cost you more.

Next Step After Delivery

After delivery; birth certificate, records and passport for your child in Brazil

When you finally have your baby, you will also be required to spend a bit more to obtain proof that your child was born in Brazil and is now a citizen.

In addition, this means that you will be staying for extra days and also have to spend some more money to cover the bills attached, including getting your baby’s passport if you want to leave Brazil afterwards.

Becoming residents of Brazil

Once you have your baby in Brazil, you can begin to look towards relocating fully to the country with family members. This is possible because Brazilian law allows you to obtain a permanent residency visa as well, with your family.
Therefore, expenses are also tied to processing a resident permit in Brazil and how you go about it.

Requirements for childbirth in Brazil

Having a baby outside your home country is a lot, considering cost, time, change of environment, exposure and many more. Though just like regular travellers, you need to have certain travel documents to gain access to Brazil;

International Passport; valid, has empty pages and not yet expired

Brazilian Visa; you can process this at an embassy in Nigeria.

The Brazilian tourist visa allows you to remain in Brazil for 90 days after which you can request an extension.

Passport Photograph; recent passport photograph that has a white background and is clear of any inappropriate lighting or accessories.

Visa fee payment; you have the option of a visitor or medical visa which costs $80 and you can pay online with your bank cards.

A petition letter from a sponsor; with contact details and citizenship status

If you have been invited by someone in Brazil, they will have to sign a documented letter of invitation stating that truly they have invited you and will care for your trip.

Travel plan and intention; all you intend to do in Brazil should be carefully documented in a letter.

Lodging reservations; where you will stay during your visit to Brazil is very important.

Return flight ticket; this is presented at the immigration office to show that you have already made plans to return to your country when you are done in Brazil.

Vaccination card
You should also provide a COVID-19 vaccination proof as well as any updated health check that needs to be requested.

Proof of bank funds

Your bank funds are useful because it explains to the immigration officials that you can afford a trip to Brazil, pay your bills and will not be deserted over there.

Proof of absence of criminal record

If you have a history of crime or police charges, you might have a bit of difficulty obtaining a visa. However there are ways to go around it, but the absence of a criminal record is on the positive side.

A step-by-step guide to giving birth in Brazil

Here’s a guide on giving birth to your child in Brazil;

Apply for a Brazilian Visa online

On the Brazil immigration website, you will find a section requesting you to apply for a visa. That is the first step.

Complete the form with accurate details

You need to fill out the visa application form online, so you can get an appointment date to finalize your application plans on time.

Pay your visa fees online

A Brazilian visitor visa costs $80 (prices change) which you need to pay online and generate a receipt. The receipt serves as part of the documents to be presented at the embassy.

Prepare all documents

Ensure you prepare all the relevant documents for submission.

Schedule an appointment with Brazilian Embassy in Nigeria

Book an appointment date at the embassy, and choose a date that is close and favourable.

Attend your appointment on the given date

Missing your appointment means that you have to reapply for a visa and will not get a refund. Thus you are to attend your appointment on time and come by yourself.

Be relaxed during your interview and provide truthful information

Since you will be travelling to Brazil to have your baby, which is most likely visible by now you need to be open to immigration officials at the embassy.

Also, if your travel is a medical emergency you should explain this as part of your travel intentions.

Contact the health facility you will be receiving care in.

Before your travel, you should make enquiries about the hospital you will be having your baby. Also, you can wait till you get to Brazil, you need to do this only if you are travelling early enough.

Wait for 10-15 business days for the approval (it could be more, reasons best known to the immigration office)

Make reservations for accommodation in Brazil.

You can book hotel rooms first and then get decent housing on rent when you get to Brazil. This is because you will be in Brazil for a long time and hotels could be more expensive to stay in.

Once you get a response that your visa is approved, get ready to fly

Things to take note of- before and after delivery in Brazil

Considering that giving birth in another country can come with a lot of anxieties and natural concerns for you and your unborn child, here’s what you need to know;

Start making plans early- 3 months at least before you travel

Plans should revolve around making sure that you are comfortable and can access medical help when you arrive in Brazil. You might want to sit and write out a budget to serve as a guide for you.

Select a hospital that can provide the care you need

Certainly, you will require care before, during and after childbirth. No matter the time you arrive in Brazil, this should be a priority for you.

Travel before your third trimester – preferably

To avoid unnecessary stress, hassles and emergencies associated with unplanned travel, you need to travel before your estimated date of delivery. Though airlines are even more careful to look out for this challenge by giving guidelines to expecting mothers on how they should go about travelling during pregnancy.

Choose the right state in Brazil

Selecting the right state means that you want to pick the best choice for your finances, comfort and health needs. Therefore you need a bit of research and weighing of options laid out to do this effectively.

Start antenatal care- before you have your baby

Once you arrive in Brazil, you are encouraged to start pre-birth care as soon as possible. This is to help you interact with your healthcare provider, share your experience and fears and also help the medical team understand your journey and what you need.

Citizenship for your child

After having your baby, you can do well to gather all citizenship documents before you leave Brazil.

Parents citizenship

An open offer to you as a parent is to apply for citizenship in Brazil since your child is one already. Also, if you have other children who were not born in Brazil, then they also qualify for citizenship.

After delivery care- before you return to your country

You need to be certified medically fit and free to be discharged before you leave Brazil. Therefore do not be in a rush and adhere to medical advice as necessary.

Address of Brazil Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria

Embassy of The Federative Republic of Brazil
Address: Plot 324 Diplomatic Drive, Zone Central Area District, Abuja

Consulate General of Brazil
Lagos address: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can a pregnant woman travel to Brazil to have a baby?
A. Of course, this is possible and has been in existence for a long time. Nigerians and citizens of other countries can travel to Brazil to have a baby.

Moreover, you should travel before you are 24-32 weeks gone, with your health requirements in check and also travel procedures for pregnant women.

Q. Will my Child Automatically become a Citizen?
Yes, your child automatically becomes a citizen.

Q. Is giving birth in Brazil Legal?
A. Yes giving birth in Brazil is legal.

Need a Trusted and Experienced Travel Consultant

Need A Trusted Travel Agency to help with Giving Birth in Brazil? Kindly contact Travelwaka 

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