20 Mauritius Photos That Will Make You Pack Your Bags And Go


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Man walking on a pier in Mauritius.
Ready to discover paradise? Follow me for some incredible Mauritius photos!

I still remember my reaction when I Googled ‘Mauritius photos’: 

Wow, this place is amazing! How can I get to Mauritius? 

Lucky me, a few years later this dream came true and the island is as incredible as I expected.

Mauritius has attractions to make all types of travelers happy and welcome, from mountains to beaches, to local markets and luxury properties. Not to mention that is one of the safest countries in Africa to visit.

After falling in love with Mauritius I want to share with you some of my favorite photos from the island. But before I need to warn you, these 20 photos of Mauritius might cause serious wanderlust and a desire to pack your bags and travel to Mauritius right now. 

20 Mauritius Photos to Inspire You

Stunning Beaches

When I hear about Mauritius the first thing that comes to my mind is pristine beaches. And of course, you’re going to have an overdose of them here.

The perfect beach cliche you will find here, with white powder sand, crystal clear water, and palm trees. Do you need more?

Photo of Mauritius Beach with crystal clear water and white sand.
I could spend a couple of days here.
A secluded beach on Mauritius Island.
Mauritius beaches are stunning!
Picture of Mauritius beach with three small catamarans on the sand.
They are waiting for you!

Le Morne Brabant

This imponent mountain rises at 556 meters above sea level and the views from the top are breathtaking.

Reaching its summit takes about 2 hours on a trail that requires a certain fitness level and confidence with heights. But all the effort pays off when you have a magnificent view of the island.

A great option is to join the Le Morne Brabant Sunrise Hike Tour and enjoy the incredible natural spectacle from one of Mauritius’ best viewpoints.

The Le Morne Brabant has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 and when you’re there it’s easy to understand why.

Stunning view from the top of Le Morne Brabant.
I’m the king of the world!

Incredible Sunsets

Pink sunset? Orange sunset? Sky on fire? Mauritius has it all.

My recommendation to any traveler on the island is to stop everything they are doing before sunset and go outdoors to enjoy the spectacle. It can be by the beach, on the top of a mountain or from the garden of your hotel, just don’t miss any sunset.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. In case you are looking for great spots to watch and to photograph the sunsets, these photos are from Blue Bay, on the southeast part of the island. The beaches on the west side of the island have great spots to watch the sunset as well.

Amazing sunset in Mauritius, the sky is yellow with puffy clouds.
Are you ready for an overdose sunset?
Sunset on a beach in Mauritius, with the sun reflection on the water.
Yes, the sky is on fire, but wait there is more…
Sunset in Mauritius, photo shows the sky very yellow and the reflection of the clouds on the water.

Snorkeling in crystal-clear water

The island has several reefs that form a calm lagoon making it easy for snorkeling. Needless to say, the water is incredibly transparent with diverse marine life. Mauritius is a playground for swimming and snorkeling.

My tip is to take care of the sea urchin and NEVER step on the corals. If you want to keep this beauty for the next generation you need to be conscious about your stay in Mauritius, not only protecting the corals but trying to be as green and responsible as possible during your visit. 

Man swimming in crystal clear water in Mauritius beach.
This is what they call crystal-clear water, right?

Mauritius Food is so tasty

Mauritius could be called tastebuds heaven. During my trip, there wasn’t a single meal or snack that wasn’t delicious.

The mix of cultures reflects on Mauritius’ cuisine and the result is an array of yummy dishes with different influences making every food an explosion of flavors. You can savory from international fine dining to local delicacies like chapati with curries. Be ready to eat a LOT.

Check out this Port Louis: Street Food Tour and discover the tasty Mauritius cuisine.

Mauritius traditional food, this is a chapati being cooked.
The famous and delicious Chapati!
In Mauritius you can try local food and also fine dinning.
Too pretty to eat. Noooo…
Fresh cooked samosas and chilli bite.
Smoking hot samosas and chili bites.

Nature in Mauritius is gorgeous

The combination of impressive mountains, lush green fields, powerful waterfalls, and idyllic beaches makes the nature of Mauritius unique.

Mauritius combines everything you want for a holiday, from quiet beaches where you can relax and watch the days go by to adrenaline-pumping hikes and cycling, all surrounded by outstanding nature.

Some people might think that Mauritius is only about beaches and resorts, but in fact, you can spend several days visiting natural reserves, hiking and chasing waterfalls. Talking about falls, don’t forget to add a trip to Black River Gorges National Park.

Mauritius crystal clear water and blue sky.
One more stunning spot in Mauritius.
Man hiking to the top of a mountain in Mauritius.
Mauritius is a hiking paradise.

Cycling in Mauritius is a great adventure

You, Nature and a bike. This is the perfect combination to see some of the most beautiful areas of Mauritius.

Take a day or two to discover the island on two wheels, it’s good for your body and mind, for the environment and you’ll see places you will never forget.

Cycling is a great way to explore Mauritius and you can do it with regular bikes or e-bikes, which makes the experience easier for any type of cyclist.

Several companies can organize bike tours for you, I’ve done a 3 hours electric bike tour on the south of Mauritius and loved the experience. Read our guide to cycling in Mauritius here.

Photo of a cyclist in Mauritius.
E-bikes for life, with them we can cycle a lot in a day.

Luxury Resorts you will love

Be sure that there is no shortage of luxury resorts in Mauritius, and you will be pampered from the moment you arrive until your goodbye.

I’ve visited a couple of properties and OMG, they are gorgeous and sophisticated, catering to any style of travelers, from family-friendly properties to golf resorts and super ultra-exclusive hotels.

The truth is that I don’t want to leave my hotel and Mauritius anymore. The luxury resorts are so impressive that I will have to write another blog post only to talk about the hotels in Mauritius.

Recommended hotels:

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa is a delightful property located in Trou aux Biches Beach. The rooms are very spacious and surrounded by well-maintained gardens. (click on the hotel’s name to see the photos and rates)

Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa, this cozy 5-star resort has incredible views of Mont Le Morne Brabant. The beach in front of the resort is paradisiac and the service is impeccable. (click on the hotel’s name to see the photos and rates)

Photo of hotel in Mauritius with a huge pool facing the beach.
In case you don’t want to stay on the beach, we got an infinity pool.
Mauritius has many luxury resorts that are amazing.
Can I live in this resort?

Local Markets are a must-visit

A trip to Mauritius is not complete without a stop at a local market. In my opinion, markets are the best place to get to know about a destination.

Visiting a local market puts you in contact with the locals, their habits, their food and religion, and you can have a sense of how life is in that place. The mix of noises, colors, and smells in Mauritius markets are captivating.

Colorful fishes on sale at the local market in Mauritius.
Food can’t get fresher than this.
Local Market in Mauritius
Tropical fruits & veggies.

People in Mauritius are so friendly

Last but not least is the people from Mauritius, the most important topic on this list.

The island is beautiful, the nature is outstanding, the food is gorgeous, and the hotels have brilliant service, but all this wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t have lovely people.

From the smile you receive at the airport, to the people you meet on the streets, the guides who passionately talk about their country, the hotel manager and waiters, Mauritius is a stunning destination because of its people.

You might travel to Mauritius because of its natural wonders but it’s the people and experiences that will make you want to stay longer or come back soon.

People from Mauritius are so friendly.
Meet the best chef on the island!

Now that you fell in love with Mauritius is time to start planning your holiday.

Don’t blame me, I told you these Mauritius photos would give you serious wanderlust. To help you cope with the desire to travel we added a travel guide section below so instead of dreaming of Mauritius, you can start planning your trip there. 

Traveling to Mauritius – Practical Info

Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean about 200 kilometers from the east coast of Africa. If you look at the map take Madagascar as a reference and Mauritius will be a bit further away to the right.

How to get to Mauritius?

Several airlines offer flights to Mauritius, the flag carrier airline is Air Mauritius, and the company offers direct flights to over 20 destinations.

Their service was impeccable and the airplane on the route from Geneva to Mauritius was brand new. Other airlines that fly to Mauritius are Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines…

You can search for the best flights to Mauritius here

Where to stay in Mauritius?

The island looks small but in fact, it is quite big and the traffic could be a pain. I would suggest choosing a region of the island to stay and explore its surroundings. My hotels’ suggestions per area are (click on the hotel’s name to see photos & rates):

For the best tours and activities on the island, check GetYourGuide. They have a great selection of private and group tours.

It is always a good idea to buy travel insurance, you never know what could happen. We have been using two insurance providers for years and are happy with them. Heymondo is our choice for holidays and short trips. SafetyWing is our choice for long-term travel. Both have great customer service support and are affordable.

Now you have the inspiration and the practical info to book your next Mauritius holiday, enjoy and bon voyage!

If you love paradisiac beaches, then read our guide about the costs of traveling to Seychelles and add this stunning country to your bucket list. 

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These Photos of Mauritius might cause serious wanderlust and a desire to pack your bags and travel to Mauritius right now. Pictures of stunning beaches, amazing viewpoints, luxury hotels, and delicious food. Mauritius is the perfect combination of nature, hospitality and flavors, a destination for beach lovers, adventure seekers and foodies. #mauritiusisland #mauritiusphotography #mauritiustravel

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