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10 Top Courses You Can Study In The UK

courses to study in the uk

Studying in the UK is a top dream for almost everyone. Adding to the fact that the United Kingdom is known for standard institutions, there are great courses you can study there.

You might however be confused about what course to study in the UK, based on course relevance and job opportunities.However, you should be knowledgeable about the degree you intend to acquire in the UK and its educational operation. Uk should be one of your choice countries if you are planning to study abroad.

Thus, here is a list of top courses you can study in the UK and what you need to know about them.

study in the UK

Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK is a wonderful exposure to different levels. Beginning with people, culture, lifestyles, destinations, career options and many more.

Also, it is an avenue to make key decisions on relocation plans in the UK, work-related matters and after-graduation options too. There are schools in the UK for early learning which begins from age five known as kindergarten.

Afterwards, there are primary schools and high schools for extended knowledge. All of these sets the foundation for studying at a university in the United Kingdom.

study abroad

Therefore, if you desire education in the United Kingdom, you should have all these background educational prerequisites fulfilled.

For international students, the A-level or its equivalent qualification is also important to qualify. Accordingly, you should be prepared for the cost of studying in the UK, accommodation and other significant expenses.

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Average entry age to universities in the UK

On average, you should be around 16-18 years of age to qualify for admission to any university in the UK. Although, it might differ per institution so long as you have the stated documents for entry.

Educational degree options for students in the UK

Foundation Degree ( Diploma)

The foundation degree in the UK takes two years. It paves the way for continuing education as well as the requirements for working.

Bachelors Degree

Bachelor’s degree is awarded to you when you have studied at any university in the UK for three to four years. Also, the various bachelor’s degrees are BSc., BA or BEd.

Master’s Degree

A master’s Degree in Administration, Arts, and Science is also among the degrees you can get at any university in the UK. This is after you must have studied for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years. Although the duration of study is dependent on the course you choose, however you need to have all requirements.

Doctorate Degree

Doctorate degrees can either be awarded based on honour or earned by advanced study in any UK university. It takes 3 – 4 years to complete your study for a doctorate in any university in the UK.

Institutions offering the best courses of study in the UK

If you are considering studying in the UK, there are different courses and institutions to choose from. The leading institutions in the United Kingdom have the best educational opportunities and programs available for all students. This even extends to online platforms where learning takes place exclusively.

Therefore, you can find the following schools worthy;

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London 
  • London School of Economics and -Political Science London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Glasgow
  • University College London (UCL)
  • Durham University

List of top 10 courses you can study in the UK

Study Engineering in the UK

Engineering is one of the courses you can study in the UK. Your decision to study a course in Engineering at any university in the UK is an excellent choice. First, you need to note that certain branches of engineering need competent and well-trained workers.

study engineering course in the uk

Therefore you also have the privilege to remain in the UK to find a job once you are done with schooling. Moreover, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Systems Engineering are great courses under the main Engineering option.

Also, graduating with distinction in Engineering from any university in the United Kingdom sets you apart from other applicants in less developed countries.

Study Computing and Informatics in the UK

Computing and informatics is a highly competitive course in the UK. Besides, there are diverse sections under which computing is subdivided. This is another course you can study in the UK.

This includes data science, data analysis, information technology, cyber security and so on. Within three to four years, you will earn a bachelor’s degree in Computing from the UK.

The tech world is daily evolving and you can find out that you need just the right orientation.

At most universities in the UK, choosing Computer Science as a course of study exposes you to in-depth training. Also, since the course is designed to be more practical than theoretical, you will find your time in any UK university most fulfilling.

To add to the above, studying Computer Science at any university in the UK is worthwhile. There is room to set the basis for career growth in any field you find yourself.

Study Business Administration in the UK

A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one major degree that you can get easily in the UK. Studying a course in administration gives you a chance to look into other aspects of the business. Business administration is one of the courses you may study in the UK.

These sections include business management, human resources, economics, marketing and so on. Also, there is the availability of employment, seminars, training and internship for students.

In addition, online courses where you can earn certifications from rated institutions in the UK are also available.

Study Financial Accounting in the UK

Financial Accounting or Finance as a course in the UK is in increased demand every session. Students apply to the UK courses in Finance mostly for a bachelor’s degree.

One interesting fact about studying Financial accounting in the UK is that you are exposed to career reality. Also, you can earn a foundation degree or diploma and begin your career journey right away.

It is also quite affordable to study finance in the UK, at least this will cost £7000 – £10000, depending on your choice of institution.

Study Architecture in the United Kingdom

As a way to unleash your imaginative skills and knowledge, you can sign up for a course in Architecture in the UK. Without any prior knowledge, you will need to get ready to study for four to five years in the UK to earn a degree in Architecture.

The course is classified under Arts and design because this is what it is mainly about.

Architecture is a real hands-on experience in any UK university and you also have course choices to make.

This includes interior design, fashion, construction, mechanics, building and many more.

Scholarship options are available in various degrees for international students in Architecture. Furthermore, studying Architecture in the UK remains a good idea.

Study Psychology in the UK

A study of in-depth mind skills related to the decision-making process is what Psychology is about. Psychology is among the top courses to study in the UK because it affects all other careers.

A Bachelor of Science degree in psychology takes about three to four years and less for postgraduate studies.

Therefore, job opportunities are available for psychologists in schools, hospitals, offices and personal establishments.

Earning a good grade in psychology from any university in the UK is ideal for personal improvement and career development.


As a medical course, medicine and Dentistry is among the top recognised courses to study in the UK. The course combines medical practice with an advanced career in health.

Also, they have a great market value and diverse specialisations. Although it takes about five to six years to earn a degree in Dentistry/Medicine in the UK, you can be sure it is worth the effort.

In addition, medical schools and colleges give scholarships to international students to study Medicine in the UK. Specialities in Dentistry, Physiotherapy and other related fields in health care are valid too.

Considering the cost, you should be ready to spend a lot to get a medical degree in the UK. Although getting a scholarship is a great opportunity if you have one.

Study Data Science in the UK

Data Science is high in demand for all sectors. Therefore, studying Data science as a course in the UK allows you to explore. This is another good course you can study in the UK.

Also, you gain full knowledge of data tools and updated technology software to analyse and present data. Besides, data science is high in demand in the career field and also highly sought after among students.

However, interest is key as it is a bit tasking and demands readiness to learn and grow in the tech space.

Therefore, in no time from three years, you should earn a degree from any university in the United Kingdom.

Study Nursing Science in the UK

Based on demand, skill shortage and evolving medical system, there is a need to train more nurses in the UK. Therefore studying Nursing science in the UK is a perfect plan.

Within two to four years of study, you should be able to get a license to practice fully. Obtaining a degree in Nursing from the UK also gives you access to practice anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, job security exists as well as societal privileges to remain in the United Kingdom after school.

Study Sociology in the UK

Sociology is related to lifestyle, arts and humanities as well as culture. Therefore, opportunities exist to study sociology in the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Also, you have the option of choosing your preferred speciality and focusing on building your career. Besides, there is quality exposure to practical work, social events, journalism and many more.

Considering career options, jobs are readily available for you upon completion of the study. However, you should note that graduating with a good grade is highly recommended.

Most universities in the UK offer sociology and even collaborate to provide online study options for international students.

Study Coding/Programming in the UK

The programming world has become one of the top industries in the UK. With the development in UK technological world, it has opened more doors for upcoming programmers to develop a career. Therefore, studying programming course in the UK could be one of the best decisions you’d ever make.

programming course in the UK

Study Data Science in the UK

Data science and business analytics is also one of the top courses you can study in the UK. Over the years, the demand for data scientists has increased in the UK. Every business needs a data analyst therefore, there is a huge opportunity.

Computer Science in the UK

UK universities offer some of the best courses in computer-related studies. The career opportunities in computer science are endless. From networking, programming, designs and architecture etc. Studying computer science in the Uk has become easier because virtually all the institutions in the Uk offer the course.

computer scinece in the uk

Artificial Intelligence in the UK

With the recent development in robotics and automation over the years, it has given rise to an increasing demand for artificial intelligence courses in the UK. It has also become one of the top courses in the UK.

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Getting a UK study visa

To study in the UK, you need a study visa to gain a permit into the country. Although scholarship programs can sponsor this, however, you still need to follow the rules.

To apply for a UK study visa, you need to have your means of identification, supporting documents and other relevant data. This will be sumitted to the UK embassy in your country.

Also, you will be required to pay visa fees and in some institutions, an entrance examination such as A-level is mandatory.

For further information on the UK study visa, you can contact us for direct and easy help from start to finish.

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Finally, to avoid wasting resources and effort, it is ideal to note that these top courses in the UK are competitive.

Therefore, this means that you need to put in your best to get in, then also endeavour to graduate with honours and be certified.

Furthermore, desperation is on the rise among students seeking admission to universities in the UK. Therefore, ensure that you do not fall for the scam. You can do well to reach a recognised travel agency to help you with the process. This is why we are here for you all the way.

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