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10 African Countries You Must Visit for Tourism

Some African countries have beautiful places you can consider visiting when planning your next vacation. Any time you need to relax after a time of work and stress, a vacation is the best option

Some African countries have beautiful places you can consider visiting when planning your next vacation. Any time you need to relax after a time of work and stress, a vacation is the best option. It is not news that vacation helps you regain lost energy and strength. In this post, I will show you 10 beautiful African countries you can visit for vacation or tourism.

Some African countries have beautiful places you can consider visiting when planning your next vacation. Any time you need to relax after a time of work and stress, a vacation is the best option. It is not news that vacation helps you regain lost energy and strength. In this post, I will show you 10 beautiful African countries you can visit for vacation or tourism.

Why You Should Visit Africa For Tourism 

Promoting the African Heritage: One of the best ways to promote the African heritage is to visit Africa.  

Helping to Build the African Economy: Visiting Africa will help in a long way in developing tourism in Africa and also the African economy. 

Experience Safari: Africa is blessed with so much so to see and do. The African safari is an interesting places to visit. It is a beautiful ecosystem that offers unlimited fun and activities. 

Tropical Beaches: Africa is blessed with so many tropical beaches, making it some of the most beautiful destinations you would ever visit. 

Diverse Culture: Africa is blessed with beautiful and diverse cultures. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness these beautiful cultures and traditions.

Best African Countries to Visit For Vacation


Tanzania is one of the most beautiful African countries you can visit. It is blessed with nature reserves and beauty. vacating here should be a thing to consider.

The citizens are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in life. They go to any length to assist you out and make you feel relaxed and welcome in their country.

10 African Countries You Must Visit for Tourism

If you love safari, Serengeti National Park is one of the best you can go on in Tanzania. You will see Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos even Buffalos here. In Tanzania, you will get to see the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s an interesting mountain to climb. But if you don’t like heights, the view from the ground is as well breathtaking. So when considering African countries to go for tourism, I think Tanzania should be on your list.


Mauritius has outstanding and incredible beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. It is also another beautiful African country you should consider visiting. It’s located over 1,130 kilometres to the east of Madagascar and is home to some of the rarest plants and animals in the world.

10 African Countries You Must Visit for Tourism mauritius

Trekking through Mauritius’s mountainous interior is a treat as brightly coloured birds swirl above the tropical rainforest canopy which makes the view so beautiful. As you move among the dense foliage, you’ll come across steep ravines and sparkling waterfalls and if you love pictures the volcanic landscapes certainly make for the most picture-perfect scenes.

Alongside the clean-looking waters of the Indian Ocean are white sand beaches for you to lounge on as you watch the sunset. When it comes to wonderful cuisines, Mauritius is the place for you and this is due to the diverse make-up of its population and unique cultural heritage. When vacating here, you can try some of their wonderful French, Chinese and even East African-inspired dishes in any one of the sleepy, laidback fishing villages.


Morocco is located in Northern Africa. The country has so much to offer to anyone coming for tourism or vacation. The cities are bustling, quiet seaside villages with snowy mountains. When in Morocco, you can experience different cultures, with elements of European, Arabic, and Berber influences to be noticed on different corners. When you get a taste of delicious Moroccan cuisine you will forever be grateful to your taste buds.

places to visit in morocco

In Morocco, you will experience pre-Saharan life with original houses and unique structures. Make sure you visit the following different exciting places when in Morocco: 


If you love exploring new places then this place is for you. From the wonder of snake charmers to the road-trip scenery of Tizi-n’Test Pass. Marrakech offers you a total experience that will make you want to come back another time. This city summarizes the colourful splendour of Morocco’s allure. Upon your arrival, you will see smooth scammers and snake charmers competing for your attention amidst the bustle of the city of Marrakech. If you love bargain hunting in the swarm of shops across the city, Marrakech offers lots of shopping opportunities. For foot wears, Babouche Souk offers incredibly made shoes that would serve as a reminder of your visit to Morocco for years to come. If assortments of perfumes and spices excite you also, a stop-over at the El-Attarine Souk will thrill you.


But if you are someone who loves a serene atmosphere, then Manara Gardens in the inner-city of Marrakech will offer you a simmer of peace. You could also simply straddle a horse and delve into the natural lushness of the Toubkal National Park. Climbing the 4,167m Toubkal Djebel Mountain while riding atop a horse gives an incredible feeling. You will get cheap and amazing hotels here which is part of the packages specially designed to make your stay in Marrakech a memorable one.


Zambia is a gorgeous country with so much to see that will interest your eyes. It should be on your list of countries to visit in Africa for tourism. If you love nature so much then this is the place for you.

Zambia is home to the largest waterfall in the world known as Victoria Falls. Make sure you visit the waterfall for the view of a lifetime and you will thank your eyes.

african coubtries to visit zambia

You can even take a dip in the Devil’s Pool if you get there at the right time of the year. If you want something more thrilling, you can try white-water rafting down the Zambezi. Don’t forget to watch out for crocs while there.

This is also a home to different wildlife that will give you the view of a lifetime.


Namibia also made our list of 10 African countries to consider for vacation. It is one of the most beautiful African countries you can ever visit. Namibia is another country in Africa where you can spot big wild animals, and you can see wild animals at Etosha National Park.

While in Namibia, staying in a guesthouse is best as it gives you the best experience to live like the locals and interact with them on a deeper level.

places to visit in africa namibia

Also, try to visit the Okahandja craft market where you will see some of the best handmade items you’ll ever see anywhere. Here, people from all across the country come together to sell their wares. These wares are great for souvenirs so make sure to get your hands on some of them.

Namibia has some of the highest dunes in the world, so when you are there, try climbing them or take a hot air balloon over them, and you will enjoy it.


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. this is another reason to visit this African country. They have rich and diverse landscapes. If you love deserts, beaches, and rainforests then you will have plenty of things to do here.

It’s usually said that you can find 5% of all plant and animal species in the world only in Madagascar.

places to visit madagasca

Here you can experience trees that are over 800 years old. To experience them, all you need to do is to take a trip to the Avenue of the Baobabs. You will be humbled to walk amongst them and it’s a great place to feel nature.


You can’t list 10 countries in Africa to consider for vacation without mentioning Kenya. Kenya is a hotspot for tourism in Africa, when it comes to wildlife activities, as it is the main site of the Great Migration. They have Over 2 million zebras and gazelle. This will be an incredible thing to witness as people all around the world travel to Kenya to see for themselves. Here, you can easily find huge herds of elephants or lions when on a safari drive.

kanya safarui

The wildlife and nature of Kenya are not only incredible but also the Kenyan people. When in Kenya, make sure you take a trip to Loyangalani, along the shores of the Jade Sea for a warm welcome from the people of Turkana.

Places to Visit in Kenya

Other places you can visit in Kenya are:

 Old Town of Lamu

This island has a population of about 22,000 people and is where you will experience the true Swahili cultures with European influences. There are no vehicles here, you can easily climb one of the 3,200 donkeys that ply its labyrinthine streets and connect the various spots that make this historical island a place to be. You will also like some of the tasty seafood while you watch the moon rise over the 230 feet of Lamu fortresses.


Mombasa is one of the most visited destinations in Kenya, bustling with a lot to see and do. As the nation’s second-largest city, Mombasa showcases the richness of the African tropics. It offers deep-sea fishing, diving and dolphin watching opportunities to tourists, especially on the Wasini waterfront.

Being a coastal hub, beach lovers will have a swell time exploring Nyali, Bamburi and Diani clear beaches on the southern coast of Mombasa.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the world’s most magnificent reserves. It extends into the Serengeti on the northern side and serves as a confluence for wildlife between Tanzania and Kenya. This reserve is famous for the Great Migration where you see thousands of zebras, gazelles and wildebeests throng the Serengeti. This happens usually from July through October of every year.

The abundance of wildlife in this reserve is thrilling, from freely roving lions to elephants, hyenas, crocodiles, cheetahs etc.

Away from the iconic safaris and stunning beaches, the city of Nairobi symbolizes the nation’s fun hub. With its vibrant cultural life, architecture and invigorating nightlife. Nairobi is a city where you are always at the heart of activities. “Nairobi never sleeps” just like new York city, which means tourists who want to keep the party going all through the night would have their fill of the fun. Some of the major spots one can unwind in this city include SkyLux Lounge, MadHouse, Carnivore, etc.

Years of immigration and colonial experiences have made Kenya a melting pot of cultures, foods, religions and languages, which is powered by British, Arabian and Indian influences. The city of Nairobi is the perfect place to experience the multicultural charm of Kenya

South Africa

South Africa is another wonderful country to consider for vacation, especially if you are a lover of adventure then you have found a paradise. There’s so much to do and see in South Africa. After going to South Africa, you’ll never want to go back to your country.

If you decide to take a trip to Durban, you will experience some of the best Indian cuisines outside of India. You can also go on a road trip up to the Transkei or you travel the Garden Route for stunning nature and incredible surf.

south africa 10 African Countries You Must Visit for Tourism

For a relaxing boathouse retreat, you can take a quiet weekend getaway and drive down to Vermaaklikheid. Here you don’t need any technology but just enjoy the simple things of life like fishing, boat rides etc.

In South Africa, you can experience one of the best safari parks in the world for memories that will last you a lifetime. This is why South Africa should be one of the places you should consider for tourism in Africa. 


Botswana is known to be a country dedicated to environmental conservation and the protection of wildlife. The country is a high-end but low-impact tourist spot. This means you can get a safari experience without the crowds of tourists.

Okavango Delta is a must-visit in Botswana. It is where you can find natural beauties which have not been touched by man. You will experience the cultures of the San and Hambukshu people in the Tsodilo Hills.


In Botswana instead of taking a safari drive, it’s best to take a traditional mokoros canoe to see the game closer than ever before.

The best game reserves are Chobe National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserves. You should also watch out for the sunsets in Botswana which are out of this world.


Tunisia is wedged in-between Algeria and Libya on North Africa’s Mediterranean coastline. Due to its fabulous warm weather, well-developed tourism industry and inviting beaches, lots of Europeans come here to lounge on its golden sands and swim in the sea.


You can see so many things in Tunisia, other than just the sun, sea, and sand. The country is also littered with impressive and breathtaking archaeological sites that date back millennia. This is because, throughout its history, it has been ruled by people from the Carthaginians, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs and later the French. Of its many historical sights, the stunning Roman amphitheatre in El Jem and the remnants of Carthage are the undoubted highlights.

In addition to this, it also has the Atlas Mountains that you can explore, as well as the lively coastal cities of Sfax, Sousse, and Tunis. Here the endless sands of the Sahara beckon you on with their alluring dunes, troglodyte dwellings, and secluded desert oases, which makes your stay in this country one to always remember.

Vacations are always considered good when you can get the desired rest and refreshment your body needs and we believe that these 10 African countries have the capacity of giving you such relaxation that your body want. So look no further.

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